Using commands to control your lights with Google Home has never been easier. In this video I give you the full run down of what you need to do to get your …


37 thoughts on “Control Your Lights Using Google Home”

  1. Question: if google home or max is on 5 GHz and lights normally like most of IOT devices supports only 2.4 Ghz, will we still able to control those IOT devices from 5 GHZ network ?

  2. Now I gotta buy all these since I got my free google nest mini!
    Is there something I can use on my smart tv to turn it on with my google nest? I currently have to press the button on my tv to turn it on and use my phone as the remote.

  3. I was able to turn on the chime response when asking to turn off/on the living room lights however all other rooms the mini replies "sure turning on lights" How do I get the chime only for all light commands?

  4. And you can even make your own light (using ws2812b led strip for example or any light bulb with relay) controlled by esp8266 connected to firebase-cli functions which is what I did ✌🏽
    Video out soon if ya'll interested 😛

  5. I need help. I'm currently trying to add my Govee Home account. Whenever I press "log in" it loads for a bit, but then sends me back to where you select what you want to connect. Idk what I'm supposed to do. I keep trying but the same thing happens each time.

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