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21 thoughts on “The Coolest Smart Lights Ever? (Nanoleaf Aurora)”

  1. Used mine in the living room and bedroom sets total 50 – 60 hrs and two triangles don't work or when you turn off all them, these two light up very dimly ….. Every time you have a power outage or these lights get unplugged you LOST ALL YOUR WORK programing it ….. and it's not easy to turn in back on if you want it on WI FI ….. it's a two man's job …… bad BAD quality !

  2. I have Aurora, Hue, Yeelights and Lifx and they all work seamlessly with Google Assistant. I think the Hue lights are a waste of money, go with lifx they are amazing and better priced. I like there tiles tho, but they are a bit expensive. Yeelights are the cheap option, they are ok.

  3. One of my new favorites! Love everything but the price. I think that it would be a lot more fair to sell the extra panels 3 for 45 instead of 60. I bought the rhythm module and I love it, but I'm going to be stuck with 9 panels until I can save a bunch more money…. 🙁 I already have $260 sunk into this and it'll be closer to 600 when I can finally make a decent shape.

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