Smart Light Bulbs vs. Smart Light Switches – How (and when) should you use them?

What do you need exactly? Smart Light Bulbs or Smart Light Switches? Or Both? When I first delved into smart home devices, I was a little confused since I didn’t …


27 thoughts on “Smart Light Bulbs vs. Smart Light Switches – How (and when) should you use them?”

  1. Gosound are best way to explore smart product loke lights,LEDs which are low consumption in energy they produce low electricity bills..In operating system is compatible with alexa and Google assistant.#gosound

  2. Specific question about the smart switch: if the switch is in the off position, can the light it controls still be turned on or off from the smart switch's app? With a smart bulb controlled by a normal switch, if the switch is off, the smart bulb can't be controlled from the smart bulb's. But with a smart switch and regular bulb, is that also the case?

  3. There are so many options for bulbs that are 50% the price or even 25% of Phillip's Hue…I really think Phillips takes advantage of people who are new to smart bulbs and worry they will buy other bulbs that are complicated or not compatible with each other and they see the big display of Phillips at home depot. Phillips uses Zigbee instead of wifi which is great but many other bulbs use zigbee too except Phillips changed zigbee to make only Phillips work with their software and nothing else. Imagine a company changing a wifi router to make only their products work with that route…sounds crazy right but Phillips did just that. Zigbee bulbs work together from different brands. If Phillipsis confident they have higher quality bulbs why did they need to make their own zigbee frequency? They are only marketed better and way away more expensive. Use Amazon for bulbs.

  4. also dont bother with smart plugs, anything you could possibly want to plug into them – air conditioners, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, tvs, computers, etc, either require a 15amp plug (all smart plugs are 10amps max) or require you to also press the power/start button on the machine itself, making a smart controller a useless additional pre-start routine.
    smart plugs are absolutely useless, unless yr just gonna plug a lamp into them, then why not just get a smart bulb (see above comments about using the switch).

    anyone pushing these useless "smart devices" are likely selling them on amazon and putting affiliate links in their video descriptions

  5. I can see that if you have a single colour bulb then a smart switch MAY be a better call than a smart bulb when it comes to longevity and long term cost. One would hope that a smart switch would have a much, much longer life expectancy than a bulb and therefore cost less in the long term, running through several cheap led bulbs rather than running through several much more expensive smart bulbs.

  6. So if you put a smart light bulb in a normal light with normal light switch you can still just use it as a normal on and off light ? Say you weren’t in the same room as the Alexa

  7. I was a little way into your video when it dawned on me. It's simple. So very simple! Use a smart bulb when there's just one bulb to replace and use smart switches when there's several bulbs being controlled with a single switch. Easy! Only not really, because I live in the UK and our light switches just don't have the neutral line that is needed for 99.9% of smart switches on the market, and the remaining one model is stupidly expensive.

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