Philips Hue LED Celing Light and Wellness Table Lamp – Smart Lighting System

A brief overview of the Philips Hue smart lighting system. In particular the LED hardwired ceiling light and the Wellness table lamp with the ambiance feature.


5 thoughts on “Philips Hue LED Celing Light and Wellness Table Lamp – Smart Lighting System”

  1. Thx for great video, I just wanted to ask if the brightness is good enough for poorly lit room, looking to install one, but I have no way of testing the brightness because I can only order it online

  2. I'm totally new to HUE technology and watched your video with attention. I'm considering buying two HUE lights and it comes with the remote. But i would like to know: Can i then command the lights with the google assistant or do i need the HUE bridge for that? Thx already

  3. Does the ceiling lamp preserve its britghtnes after power cut using normal wall switch? I have same lamp and if i turn it off and then on using normal wall switch , it preserves last on/off switch but it nevere preserves the brightness set. Have you observed the same?
    This is very inconsistent as it doesnt preserve brightness set but preserves off state.It is also not consistent with normal hue bulbs which doesnt even preserve on off state and go to turned on, after power cut

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