Installing Caséta smart lighting controls is easy. Caséta works with dimmable LEDs, all halogen bulbs, and all incandescent bulbs. If you’re using dimmable …


2 thoughts on “Easily Set Up your Caséta Smart Lighting Controls”

  1. this video is useless.. it doesn't tell you how to set it up!
    example.. if you don't have the bridge you CANT just plug the device in and voila…. you have to pair the remote to the device you just plugged in. In fact, this is NOT even in the documents.
    Come on Lutron… spend a few minutes and put a decent video together.. Take a cue from Google or Apple.. thats why they make so much $$..
    rant over

  2. This company’s products (1) require you to log in to do things like turn off your lights and (2) have the most strict password requirements I’ve ever encountered. Very frustrating and clearly not designed with the customer in mind.

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