A new range of outdoor smart lights from Philips Hue seeks to light up your home’s exterior. We tested all of them at the CNET Smart Home. Make sure to read …


14 thoughts on “Philips Hue Outdoor Smart Lights: Are they worth it?”

  1. You focused on price. Try pricing a quality outdoor LED light fixture running on 12V. Not a lot of difference in cost. Judging by the quality of my Hue indoor lights I will be purchasing a Hue solution for my small pond in the back yard.

  2. Does anyone know where to find a LED Driver/power supply for the hue outdoor products? Mine stopped working and it looks like you cant buy it as a stand alone. Is there a way to hack other led drivers to work with Philips hue? Emergency Here, A whole outdoor system DEAD

  3. Five spot lights from Ace hardware and a old fashioned pin timer and extension cord does the trick for me. Sometimes the old fashioned stuff just works better and costs less

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