We have a smart home that we’ve automated with many Alexa-compatible devices. In this video, we walk you through all the automation we have set up in our …


36 thoughts on “Full Smart Tour of Our Dream Home!”

  1. Channels like this make people like me feel so insecure with my crappy little tiny bungalow and crappy little life, it’s so not fair, my partner and I could work every hour for the next 30 years and still not be able to afford anything close to a home like you guys have. I’m sorry I know jealousy is ugly but I can’t help it I can’t even watch this channel it’s too sad

  2. Alexa is definitely useful however I feel you can go a bit too overboard. The outside lights, fountain and sprinkler systems have been able to have timers on them to start and stop for quite a few decades now. For me having a separate facilities control is desirable than having everything connected and sometimes dependant on the software and how much battery you have in your device.

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