Make your TV look incredible with bias lights! We review several LED light strips for behind your TV and compare the brightness and colors to find the best bias …


26 thoughts on “Ultimate TV Light Strips Comparison: LEDs Galore”

  1. Hi Reed! I love your videos, thank you for providing entertaining and helpful content!

    My husband and I want to install under cabinet lights. My biggest hurdle is the microwave is in the middle of the cabinets (over the stove) and I want there to be a gap in lighting there, but would like to keep the same light strips so I can connect the colors.

    We bought lifx light strips but I’m wondering if we should’ve gone with philips-hue, because there seems to be more no light extensions for Phillips then lifx. Do you have any tips? Should I return lifx and switch to philips? Thank you!

  2. Thank you for your analyses. But what about Razer Chroma Hardware Development Kit. They are compatible with Razer Synapse and Chroma Studio which makes them great in pair with razer mouse and keyboard chroma effects. They give you much more options than anything you've shown in your video. The only down side is that there are only 4 strips of 50cm each, which is not enough to cover a big TV on its 4 edges.

  3. I noticed that you censor the word A—xa. Is Al–xa a "bad word" now or are you just courteously trying to keep people from accidentally ordering every product in your videos because they watched them within earshot of the robot that does all of the online shopping .? Lol

  4. I noticed statements in a few videos that aren't correct.
    I can tell you do a lot of research but I often come away with questions. I have learned a few things and thank you for that. Maybe you could have a discord and have your info checked. Just a idea

  5. Bought LIFX Z strips based of this review. Lasted about 3 months before they clunked out. I will say the light was amazing but they were so unresponsive. Could never get it to change colors, did not work with google assistant that well and started randomly blinking. Would not suggest them at all. Just not a long lasting product nor very responsive.

  6. I use the Philips hue lights I have about seven or eight of them in my room and I sync them up with the entertainment zone and it works great I just play everything from my computer through the Phillips hue sync

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