This is Noon Home Smart Lighting System, this takes your normal lights and convert them to a smart lighting system perfect for any smart home. #sponsored …


14 thoughts on “Smart Home Set Up Goals // Noon Smart Lighting”

  1. I’m glad you mentioned that you had Lifx bulbs in this video. I’m trying to find out if the noon switch will work with smart bulbs such as Lifx. For example, can you create moods or scenes that will change the color of the bulb itself? Also, if you hit the switch to turn a smart bulb off, if it learns to just tell the bulb to turn off without cutting off the supply of power. Awesome video btw and appreciate the information.

  2. I looked into this. It'd be over $4k to install a Noon system. I'll stick with Z-Wave switches and spend less than half that. I installed some Homeseer switches and they work great.

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