SBrick light preview – app controlled smart light system for your builds!

This is a preview of the SBrick Light system, the team was kind enough to lend me these prototype units, so I could quickly film this video for you to give you an …


18 thoughts on “SBrick light preview – app controlled smart light system for your builds!”

  1. Amazing video RacingBrick! Thank you so much for putting this together! We're so happy you liked it, and yes, we will be paying attention to everyone in the comments section. So… if you've watched the video, what features would you like to see in SBrick Light? Just comment and we will do our best! Thanks again Balazs!

  2. Very cool. Like that the bricks uneven stud size means it will fit Technic sets. Maybe put some pin hole on the top an bottom as well so you don't necessarily need stud connection. Hope the final product will have black cables and LED body that fits perfectly inside a Technic hole (like the PF LED's did).
    For future products it would be great to have also just a cheap dumb battery box for PU with polarity switches and 4 ports, a BT PUp train hub with 4 ports and rechargeable battery and a rechargeable battery pack compatible with Technic hub made by SBrick.

  3. Can we use avarage common AC/DC adapter? or it's a special one?
    I think it's not cheap, but has a lot of advantage. Can you take some closer photo to the heads of led? Or can you compare the power of ligt with the lego PU led?

  4. sbrick lacks of info about everything to be honest. and that is just sad. i would love the unit. but I have no idea of what I would really get. (for a lot of money) we need another normal sbrick or lego technic hub for the motors if I understand correct ? and you combine these in the sbrick app?. can you combine sbricklight ports to any technic hub port you want ? so automated brake lights / reverse lights / blinkers etc can be programmed?

  5. That's the nice thing of BT. Gamepad, smartdevices, LEDs, motors, different battery boxes… everything can connect and you can create simple or very complex things just as you like. 🙂
    Kind of strange that there will be an official(?) PU-connector from sbrick as power adapter. I thought there was no official Lego permit for that.

  6. Personally, I like the hub and the app interface, but I don't like the separated cables and the direction of the LED on the lamps. I would also add some Lego mounting points to the replicator / splitter. All in all, i think, this things can be easily improved and if the system will be good enough, I will definitely buy it.

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