Philips Hue Motion Sensor Makes Your Lighting System Smarter – [Review]

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48 thoughts on “Philips Hue Motion Sensor Makes Your Lighting System Smarter – [Review]”

  1. Can some PLEASE PLEASE help me. Does the motion detector work with LED lights.

    Basically I want the motion detector at the bottoms of the stairs. So when you pass come down the stairs, the led lights under the bar turn on. Is this even possible ?? Which type of LED would I have to buy

  2. Hi, can you hook these up to the Phillips hue led strips? I want to run a led strip on my staircase railing. I assume I need a motion sensor at the bottom of the staircase and the top.

  3. Battery power motion sensor lights never last. Never believe the 2-3 years claims. You will replace it every few months and eventually you get tire and throw it away. Get hard wired ones and you never need to worry about battery. It just works.

  4. does this work with alexa routines? I don't have any of their lights right now but I do have lifx bulbs and I want it to turn on my lights and other smart plugs. So I was going to set up a certain routine for this in alexa…..i basically just need it to trigger a routine.

  5. Disappointing review. What about limitations? How many can you have in one room connected to the same light/lights? Detection range? Can it be combined with a dimmer or tap?

  6. Really glad I listened to this and that you included the comment on HomeKit compatibility. Definitely a deal breaker for me until that’s corrected

  7. Great product but you forgot to mention a GREAT addition to what you have already described is that buy using the Hue Essentials App instead of the Hue App and going to smart controls it will also tell you the temperature in that location and the battery condition

  8. Having pets really is a pita… I have 2 of these but the damn cats keep turning my lights on and off lool. Also it does mess with scenes so think about its use as when you walk past it changes the scene and you have to turn it back to what u want. It has it's uses but having cats has limited its use for me xD.

  9. I am putting the sensor in my bedroom. If I need to go to the toilet at night do they have to turn on. (I still want it to turn on for the night mode at like 9pm to 7am) but I have that on for those times when I go to the toilet it will turn the lights on. Help?!

  10. I'm really disappointed you can't "enable last setting" with the motion sensor. Instead you have to choose a scene or use a Hue Labs formula to provide "enable last setting" features. Even with the "enable last settings" feature, they fail when I turn the lights off but am still in the room (they will turn back on.)

  11. Does anyone know if you can make it notify you when motion is detected in your room via pop up notification? That's all I would want to use it for. I don't care for motion sensing lights but what I want to use this for is for security, so as soon as motion is detected in my room it will notify me right on my phone no matter where I am in my phone.

  12. Aside from the lack of HomeKit compatibility (Philip's own issue as the Elgato Eve range offers one!) a PIR is great to see. It's a nice small size, but they can really only achieve that because the main nuts and bolts are tucked away in their (expensive) Bridge.

    The one issue I take is the magnetic fastening on the reverse, which to my mind could have taken a far slimmer profile by embedded the magnets inside the casing, flush is best.

    This definitely needs HomeKit support, along with the rest of their products.

  13. What's disadvantage of the Hue motion sensor not being HomeKit compatible if it still works with iOS? I'd like to get a couple, but don't know if I should wait.

  14. Try to set it to turn off after 2 minutes for example. on the night of the settings on the sensor, then go past the sensor during the day in the room where you have turned on the light because you want it on, then turn it well enough not nightlight, but it set the timer to turn off the lights 😕 which then turns off light for 2 min.
    Nå to have my lights on and the sensor should only be active at night. Missing an update from Philips ..

  15. Do not think you buy it, it can not be used very much, for philips software is lousy, you can not have the lights on in your room for days even if light sensor is set so low that it should not register it only at night, to turn off your lights in the living room during the day, show you now want to have light in the room during the day is not very smart. Now make something that works Philips …..

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