IIf you want to upgrade your light switches to smart switches you are going to need a live and a neutral wire to connect these switches up. If you live in the UK the …


26 thoughts on “No Neutral Smart Light Switch – Unboxing and Fitting”

  1. ⚠️ Hi! Great video. I just installed the smart switch in my bedroom, which has a twin switch connection, so 2 switches operate the same lights. I replaced the dumb switch with the simpler connection by adding the common to the Neutral whole and L1 & L2 to L and L1 in the smart.
    The issue is that the other dumb switch doesn’t operate the lights anymore.
    Any ideas why?
    Maybe because I connected the N to the common?…

  2. when the light with the capacitance is on it makes a lot of noise, it's buzzing really loud. is that okay? should I be worried ? (when the light goes off, the noise stops)

  3. Hi just seen this. Sorry if I'm being daft but I have exact same as you behind light switch and followed and all good, however same issue with bulb, mine is actually staying partially dimmed even when off. However in the ceiling rose I have no neutral wire? But do I still just connect the capacitor in live and neutral inside ceiling rose?

  4. Hi
    I have just wired one in but doesnt switch on or off, I have the switch illuminating and it connected to wifi.
    Its connected to a 7 bulb chandelier with LED dimmers installed.
    Wire colours at the switch are red(live), black(neutral) and an earth.
    I have L, L1 and neutral connections on the switch, (tried the live in both L and L1 but nothing)?
    It came with a capacitor but I have not added this yet though.
    Could you please help and give an idea what I am doing wrong?
    Thank you in advance.

  5. Just checked a switch out in one of my rooms, it's got black and red connected to a switch and green that's just hanging and not connected to anything. Would this switch be compatible?

  6. Great how to video. Thanks for making this! Tried to install today.. Lights flashed slowly on and off but couldn't see blue ring around power switch.. Any ideas what i was doing wrong? Do i just need to install the capacitor?

  7. Thanks for the video, clear and concise, just what I needed. Got it fitted and working, well sort of…

    I installed one of these light switches in my kitchen to control a dual fluorescent tube, it turns on and off fine but if left on after a while it turns off on it's own, sometimes after a few minutes sometimes twenty minute later.

    Could this indicate I need to install the capacitor?? Thanks

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