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44 thoughts on “Minecraft: Smart Waterfall Lighting System! [Day 18!]”

  1. I think I made it smaller but I'm not sure it's definitely simpler I used a pulse extender and a dual edge rather than the rising and falling edges then followed a blocking piston with some timing and the dispensers looking at both I think it's about the same size

  2. Best Mumbo Jumbo, I'm James and I'm thirteen years old. I'm Dutch so I'm not very good in English. I have a youtube channel: IkDoeAlles and my question to you or me your redstone Tutorials in dutch may make. And then a link to your channel in the description below the video. Cheers, James

  3. I've done it other way 😀 but i don't know if it's simpler or not 🙂 If someone want to see my concept see mamboes twitter 🙂 i've sent it in response to this ideo 🙂 I know that many of You can do it simpler 😀

  4. I used to have 4 of these running in my base from the ceiling about 3 years ago using t-flip flops. It was a beast but was beautiful. Yours is much smaller. Good job!

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