IKEA is poised to make moves in the smart home market in 2019. This is my review of the existing Trådfri smart bulbs and plugs available in early 2019. — IKEA …


29 thoughts on “IKEA TRADFRI Smart Lights 2019 Roundup – Worth it?”

  1. I just noticed that the boxes for the bulbs indicate that they should not be used in full enclosed luminaries, so maybe don't put them in enclosed ceiling lamps 🙁

  2. do NOT buy these lights. They are HORRIBLY overpriced and TERRIBLE to set up. I bought 8 of these, and only 2 of the 8 lights ever even were able to pair. And once paired they still did not work. Even the Ikea support employee recommended I just return them and get my money back, as they are nearly impossible to get working correctly. AND they cost more then their competitors. Even if you DO somehow get them working, they have less colors and less functionality then the competition as well. I am normally a huge fan of IKEA products and my home is littered with Ikea goods, but these are one of the worst buys I have EVER attempted

  3. Basic whites were on discount where I live because people didn't know what to do with them and they weren't popular at all so I grabbed a whole bunch of them. They paired very easily with my SmartThings setup although turning it off and on 6 times rapidly to initiate pairing takes a bit of practice. I can group them, dim them as a group and easily use them in all kinds of automations. It's very good value for the price even without a discount.

  4. Ikea have updated the app. It's now called 'Home Smart'. My gateway is on version 1.9.27. I re-connected all my devices and the Ikea app now shows them correctly and operates them too. I had already connected the hub to my Apple TV 4K so new devices I added today show up in Apple home as soon as they re added. I'm adding new devices with the round remote control just by holding close to the bulb or outlet and pressing the little button in the back. The new device then appears in the app.

  5. Setting up Tradfri is not complicated just a little frustrating. Install the Ikea app and the Apple home app. Set up the Tradfri Gateway powered on and connected to your router then set up the remote control. You can then set up bulbs or the wireless smart socket. Once you can see the devices in the Ikea app go over to the Home app and use the devices from there. To get someone else using the Home app invite them from your App on your phone. If you have an Apple hub such as the Apple TV 4K you can connect it to the Ikea hub in settings.

  6. Nice review, I’ve got bulbs and plugs from ikea all around the house, set up with homekit and Alexa (dot 3,s in the smaller rooms there a cheaper option) it all works really well, I think once you’ve used the app and steering devices there better of just put away in the bottom draw, really looking forward to the blinds 👀👍

  7. I am from Australia. I needed GU10 smart downlights. My home mainly consisted of Yeelight & Xiaomi-Philips bulbs with Xiaomi sensors and Aqara sensors etc. Something remarkable happened. Ikea and Xiaomi China signed some kind of major corporate relationship to produce smart home products. Xiaomi/Aqara with the very powerful Mi home app has over 100 different smart home products. This includes the Xiaomi Zigbee hub. In 2019 January Xiaomi showed up in their installation products list in Mi Home Ikea Smart bulbs (mainland China server).
    Then came updates to their firmware for all their Zigbee based hubs. As of 12th April 2019, I can confirm immediately after testing, that Ikea GU10 downlights work with the entire eco-system of Xiaomi. The latest Mi Home is the monolithic app that creates timers, scenes, and interoperability. We are beginning to see smart interoperability that was fiction a few years ago. The prices on Ikea smart home are remarkable. As well these Ikea bulbs operate with many other different Zigbee hubs as does the Xiaomi can interact with other Hubs. There even now universal hubs and gateway which has software already written and working that are completely smart home product agnostic. And some of these have Zigbee/RF sending and pairing/learning/IR sending and learning/WiFi/International band Zwave for the univeral smart home all with working software. We welcome Ikea smart home products. It will cause a major shakeup in smart home pricing.

  8. I have two GU10 light bulbs from Ikea in one armature in the study. I'm not using the Ikea hub, but paired them to the smartthings hub and to Google Home. Had to implement a device handler for the remote with some extra pairing, but now I can control the light via the Google Home app, the smartthings app, the Ikea remote and Google Home mini (by voice). And because I created scenes per bulb I can control them individually when necessary as well (the remote can only control the bulbs as a pair). So very happy with this inexpensive Tradfri stuff.

  9. Nice video. I am planning on buying some smart lights, and the IKEA ones seemed like a good and affordable option.
    But I have come into a few problems, first is that I saw that the remote can only connect to 10 lights, a remote which you need to connect the lights to the remote itself and the hub. However, in the room I will definitely have more than 10 lights. Does this mean I need serval hubs/remotes?
    Second I wonder if all the different lights will appear in the Google Home app, or will there be groups made with the Ikea app and are only groups shown in the Google Home app.


    What a nightmare this has been to try to get working. Now I can’t even get the gateway to be recognized never mind trying to get bulbs into Apple HomeKit.

    If they can’t make something that works they shouldn’t be selling it!!!

    I feel like I got screwed over by ikea and am still waiting for them to get back to me.

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