Corsair iCUE LS100 Smart Lighting Strips – MOAR RGB for your system!

Corsair are known for their high-quality products, most of which come with a splash of RGB but it seems Corsair have fully embraced the RGB lifestyle with the …


45 thoughts on “Corsair iCUE LS100 Smart Lighting Strips – MOAR RGB for your system!”

  1. I accidentally bought the expansion kit without the controller
    So i found that i can't plug it directly to my motherboard or to the fans connector(led channel pins looks different)
    Can i get an adapter( led to 3 pin cable) and plug it to the motherboard or should i buy corsair lightning node pro kit? which is pretty expensive bc i only need the controller

  2. Too much talking, way too much. Dont show ur face u ugly. We want see the Strips ALL THE TIME!!! Dont tell what the packs include, show it in a list !!! Show everything!!! Dont just talk about, this is a video, not for showing ur face but for showing the product!!!


    -Magnetic Attachment System is horrible, they don't like to stay on and aren't strong enough for most curved (1800r) monitors, they fall off so easily when you are attaching the montior to your arm or wall

    -Expansion kit doesn't support single ultrawides

    -freesync issues are causing color issues and flickering

    -compared to a hue play it's really dim

    Your monitor needs to be about 3 inches away from the wall to get good light, which means it needs to be on a monitor arm and not a stand. It needs to be on a white wall as there are no gamma or color boost settings in it's video mode.

    Compared to a hue play, this product is very disappointing.

    It also in it's current state has freesync issues, where the colors either don't match or the unit flickers or both.

    Lastly the expansion kit doesn't support a single ultrawide monitor

    You can only do 4 strips for 1 montior or 6 strips for 2 monitors, you can't put 6 strips on one monitor

  4. Way too pricey and if u have no icue controller there are more extra costs, I got my phanteks neon which cost less and look amazing beyond words, ofc I would like to controll LEDs individualy but there are limit of what I can expect 🙂

  5. Not buying anything rbg related from Corsair ever again, because their iCue software sucks.
    Don't want my rig to turn into a gay rainbow light show every time I boot it.

  6. It (ESPECIALLY the amblight effect) should exist for Node Pro/Commander Pro for at least 1 year ago, but Corsair won't give you that for free. The price they put on this LS100 kit is a robbery in a white day. They probably want you to open your wallet a little bit wider so they can empty it for you. ASUS Terminal offers more for about the same price, especially for those who have AURA compatible devices, but both are far away from leader which is Aquacomputer and their Nano or Farbwerk 360. Don't buy this iCueless crap and don't support these thieves, get you pro kit, get you a Nano or Farbwerk 360 instead. Unless you like to pay for a logo. Then you're just an idiot and nobody cares. Go and buy it then & smile for yourself in a mirror how rolled you've been.

    Thank you KitGuru for a honest review.

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