Philips Hue, makers of a huge line of smart lighting, have just introduced Bluetooth smart bulbs and smart filament or Edison bulbs. I had a chance to play with a …


35 thoughts on “Review: Hue Bluetooth smart lights – no Bridge needed!”

  1. How would i go about setting up the Bluetooth hue bulb with voice? I have a Lenovo smart clock with google voice integrated in it and I cant seem to connect the Bluetooth hue bulb to the google home app.

  2. Hello. Thank you for this video. I miss one thing could you tell me if it's still possible to put a hue bluetooth lamp on with a traditional switch? Like. I'm comming into my mancave without my Phone or tablet. Will I be able to put on the light with the light switch? If you could help me out that's a tumbs up for sure. Thank you

  3. Thanks for the tips. The feature I’m most interested in is being able to turn lights off and on when I’m out of the room (or house); so, out of BlueTooth range. I think I need the Philips hub. BUT, all (both) the Ethernet ports on our Google Nest Router are being used so I can’t connect the Philips hub to our WiFi router. (We use the Xfinity modem but have the Xfinity WiFi router turned to bridge mode). Any suggestions? Thanks!

  4. Just the video I'm looking for! I'm not too sure if you'd see this comment, but is it possible to connect the lights to both the Hue BT app and the regular Hue app at the same time? Or will I have to unsync them from the BT app before connecting them to the regular Hue app? Cheers!

  5. Helo loved the video. I bought the phillips light from best buy but i cannot get it to be recognized by my google home. I downloaded the app byt when google tries to find light it cannot be found. Can you please help me. Thank you

  6. I had lifx mini colour before, it was way brighter compared to Philips hue bulbs always especially when comparing RGB colors, but lifx had a downside of colour never being true, e.g. when i say to change to yellow it would be very greenish yellow.
    This doesn't happen with Philips hue.

    However i upgrades to Philips hue because of the comparability with dumb people(s) i.e. can use the things like Philips hue dimmer switch, when something goes wrong with internet, like with wifi its practically impossible to change without using the app or voice assistant ( need a wifi and often internet too). Because of this great feature i sacrificed a Little bit Of brightness.

  7. Woah, you saved me from having to buy a hub. This is the best and most informative video about the hue lights. Please continue to spread your knowledge. If you are reading, this video is legit! Thank you so much!

  8. Hi Erin, I know you mentioned the ability of voice control, but can I use voice control with the Bluetooth hue bulb via smart speaker like google home mini.

  9. Do these turn on/off with a regular lamps switch, I kinda want a multi color bulb but man that much for 1 bulb is ridiculous, as a 21 minimum wage worker it's a bit much. Especially when I am trying to save for some things. Guess I'll settle for a normal bulb

  10. I bought another brand of smart lightbulb. The problem is every time someone turns it off from the light switch, I have to re-set up everything and it is a real pain in the butt to sync it to the lightbulbs app as well as to Alexa. How does the Phillips do when you turn it off from the light switch and turn it back on?

  11. Thanks for this video. I just got the hue go 2.0 for Christmas, it runs on bluetooth and I love it. I'm now wanting to expand and get the lightstrip and e14 colour bulb. Am I right in thinking that the latter two do not come bluetooth enabled and will actually require the bridge?

  12. Having trouble connecting my hue bulb to my Google home hub realy doing my head in tried to set up device it finds my bulb but when I press next searching for devices it comes up 4 steps check your light make sure the light is screwed in propley looks like it doesn't work that way so will I need a brige to controle 1 light for my living room had no trouble with elexa

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