One of the coolest LED lighting systems I’ve seen, check out Nanoleaf’s Aurora in this unboxing and demo. Link: Please Like and …


39 thoughts on “Nanoleaf Aurora Smart Lighting: Demo”

  1. Hugely disappointed with mine, the app won't pair with my iPhone anymore making the Nanoleaf basically useless. Customer service with this company has been so frustrating because they hide behind email (no phone reps !!!) and just keep saying "Here, try this, maybe it will work" The flimsy stickers they provide for mounting couldn't hold a dandelion. I'm going to take it back for a refund.!!!

  2. Wish you could just control the fucking thing on your computer. Whats with this IOS and Apple only bullshit for apps. I want to hang one above my computer setup so naturally I want to be able to control it with the computerr.

  3. No wonder the average american will die poor and deprived, buying all kind of junk. This crap costs $300, go swipe the credit card lol 😂😂😂

  4. Oh wow thanks for the demo. That is an awesome product. I think indirect area lights are great to create much more natural lighting effects instead of the classical "point lights" that you need to bounce off walls to make nice.

  5. I have a question. I am thinking about buying these to hang them on the wall behind my desk. My desk in were I do all my work so I need a good lighting there! But with normal light there's the problem that my monitors stand there but something's I need to do paperwork too.

    So my Question is: Are they good for lighting up your workplace?

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