Today we check out the Connected Light system from WiZ. These lights are beautiful, bright, and cheaper than the competition. Check out these lights here: …


43 thoughts on “Better than Lifx & Hue BUT Cheaper: WiZ Connected Lights”

  1. Thank you for blueing google out, I don’t have a google home nor do I have an Alexa but I can always appreciate people who care about not annoying their viewer

  2. I realize this was posted a while ago… but I just got a new Ubiquiti Dream Machine Router… anyhow, I've got 6 of these lights in my kitchen, cam lights… So my frustration/worry/paranoia hit a new level when my Router shows me each of these lights have downloaded 140GB of traffic and uploaded 40GB, all in the past 6 days… what the heck is going on with these lights and network traffic??? And yes, that it EACH light. EACH LIGHT has downloaded 140GB of data and uploaded 40GB of data!!! I've got iphones on my network that only have 6GB download in the same time with kids using youtube and constantly listening to music from the apple store… Does anyone out there have any of these lights and are able to see what the heck is going on?

  3. Using these lights for on-camera… I wonder what the CRI rating for these are (in warm and daylight modes). They looked pretty good in this video.
    I have a few light rigs that use the LED spotlights, and these type of bulbs (though super expensive) might be an interesting fit. Of course, I'd need to buy 16 of them. CHA CHING!!!

  4. If you can see….?
    The numbers all go to Eleven. Look.. Right across the board. 11, 11,11. and the WIZ light luminous go up to 9. These LIFX GO TO 11. …
    Does that mean it's brighter…?
    Is it any brighter…? …Well, it's two brighter…Isn't it…? It's not 9. "Spinalightap"

  5. They were so good Phillips (Hue maker) is using WiZ controllers (chips) in their bulbs now. Found some at Home Depot that were WiZ connected & Phillips branded for a lil over $16 USD a piece. 👍

  6. just subbed you brudda, nice vid…but still confusing to me…ok, so do i NEED alexsa or google home to run the lights?? my main use for them will be for turning them off n on when i'm outta town, can that be done with just the app over my cell phone?

  7. My wife loves the Harry Potter books so in app we changed "lights" to "Lumos" happy to discover the voice commands worked!!
    Now I say "ok google, lumos!" Far cooler than "ok google lights"

    You can use youe voice to call them whatever awesome name you want commands…"ok google, illuminate" is way cooler

  8. I just set up 5 lights with Wiz, but the brand of my lights are Philips, full color wi-fi LED. I wanted something really simple and inexpensive that would work with just my existing wifi network and my iPhone, and these did not disappoint! I like that you can set up rooms, schedules, and set up "scenes" in the wiz app to use SIRI voice commands right from your iPhone to call that "scene" (it can be anything like turning the lights off, or turning one light off in the room, and turning the other one into a nightlight). I did have some issues setting up 3 of the lights (standard size), and had to set them up manually, trying more than once, but eventually got them connected. I got 2 of the flood style for outside and those were connected the first try.

  9. Do I install one bulb then unscrew it to set up the sencond bulb, then unscrew the second bulb to install the third and continue this until all 5 of my ceiling lites are connected? HOw do I install 5 ceiling lights on the same switch when I have to do the on/off step?

  10. I have a room with 5 ceiling lights. I've put 5 WiZ bulbs in each. The lights are all on the same switch which means when I have to go to the WiFi which do I select? I don't know how to install 5 ceiling lights all on the same switch…Please help!!!!

  11. We should start a petition to make everyone blank the word google and just put it on the screen, I never realised how annoying it is to have okay google or akexa triggered because of a video. GOOD JOB!!!

  12. Philips hue IS MORE EXPENSIVE, however, they sell full colour, tungsten to daylight & just white CHEEP bulbs
    also the bulbs make a mesh network, so may reach further than your wifi network can reach….
    the app is easy to use, and updates not only its self but the Bridge & bulbs too.
    they also make weather proof garden fittings & motion sensors – really automated lighting!!

  13. The main issue with these is that they are WiFi. They are cheap because wifi radios are far cheaper than Zigbee or z-wave. Its why WeMo crap is so cheap comparatively. They also take much more power (than Zigbee/z-wave) and they saturate your wifi network and will majorly affect the speed of cheap wifi access points or routers. Even good multi band routers will perform poorer than they should when you have 20+ wifi bulbs as registered devices on your network. There is a reason that people who are serious about home automation go with a SmartThings or Habitat hub over Wifi.

  14. My only concern with this and lifx is that it's WiFi so it will interfere with my gaming and internet browsing, in a way I prefer the idea of buying a hub even if it means £50, Hue may be a bigger barrier to entry because of this but the bulbs after this are essentially the same price or so similar it's not worth worrying about, Hue and Lifx also have a better eco system of products which I think most will prefer since there are more options to consider when you wish to expand.

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