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21 thoughts on “WiZ smart lighting review”

  1. I have about a dozen of these in the white/color version in my home. They set up very easily if you read and follow the directions carefully. This is the fastest and lowest cost option to add automation to your lighting that I have found. I also use Kasa modules in several places where I want to use specific bulbs or control stuff other than lights. I have found the Wiz lights to be very reliable overall. Even after power outages, they immediately sync up to the network and resume working. I don't use the Google or Alexa controls since you have to remember the exact name for every light or it doesn't work. It's just easier to use my phone.

  2. I paired my Phillips with the wiz app just fine. The directions had two options to pair. If multiple lights tap one button if manual go to Wi-Fi settings. Make sure hotspot is not on because it wont work if its on. Im gonna get the colored wiz next though. Im ok with the white light but I wanted to be able to change colors not dim lights to mimic tones. Though I do light the night light features that slowly progress to warm for school days for my children .

  3. It's GARBAGE. WIll be returning. Impossible to pair them with the app, and if you look online that's the #1 complaint, so you magically got lucky if you had ZERO issues pairing them because most people do. I'll consider buying one in the future when the technology is up to par. It's not there yet. They must have paid her so much money to do this video. The fact that she randomly mentions that the wifi network appeared with no problem when that's the #1 issue people seem to have with this is very suspicious.

  4. Hi Erin, if you have your phone on 5G WiFi, you MUST change it to 2.4G BEFORE you start adding the bulbs, then the bulbs will be discovered when pairing. Once paired, then you can change your phone back to 5G. It seems that you went through a lot of needless trouble to get them paired and doing this will fix it. To pair them, it says in the instructions to turn your lights off and on 3 times, and the bulbs will start flashing, then do your pairing. I have 6 of my own WiZ bulbs and this worked well for me.

  5. been seeing tons of people having problems setting up/connecting these lights and controlling with the app. i recently bought 5 of these lights and have had no major troubles using them! DONT BELIEVE ALL THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS YOU SEE! TRY THEM FOR YOURSELF! just be patient with the lights, if they dont instantly connect the first time, try a time or two more. give them more then FIVE minutes to work, LOL! personally, i had no issues during initial setup, and with 10 minutes of playing around in the app, controlling your lights will be a breeze. from time to time there a single light or two will take longer to connect to wifi (when powering on from OFF lightswitch), but just be patient and it will connect.

  6. Hi Erin, have you tested what happens if you turn off and on the bulb by a wall switch? If for example you set the bulb to blue and mid intensity will that setting return when you turn off the light by the switch and then back on?

  7. had problems connecting my Wiz bulb, took me about 5 tries to get it to connect. i paid $13 USD at hone depot. overall very happy with it, love the setting and specially the plant growth setting, gonna use it at night with my plants.

  8. The set up on the iphone 11 is a pain. Go Manual, turn on and off the lights three times until it blinks, go to Wifi settings and hopefully the WIZ device appears, then back to app to connect. If it doesn't appear in wifi, turn off the phone and then try again.

  9. Does anyone know how to operate them fully with Google Assistant?
    I can turn them on and off, but I cannot turn them blue or red or Christmas or Party.
    Does anyone have any experience with this?
    I can accomplish this using the Wiz App, but I would like it voice controlled

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