What You Need to Know About Smart Light Bulbs | Allstate Insurance

Watch as home maintenance experts The Handyguys explain how smart bulbs work and how you can install them in your home.


4 thoughts on “What You Need to Know About Smart Light Bulbs | Allstate Insurance”

  1. Kinda missing all the main points of replacing the old bulb.
    Does the light switch need to be always turned on. What if a guest comes over and uses the bathroom. How do they turn the light on. How long do these lights last. Just a few questions i would want to see and answered. What about the WiFi switches, do bulbs come with one, how do these replace pull cord switches for bathrooms that get steamy. For the same reason, are these all water/splash proof

  2. Most Wi-Fi smart bulbs are actually cloud-based. You need to have an internet connected Wi-Fi for the commands to go to the cloud server for processing. If the company that operates the cloud server goes out of business and shuts down the server, your smart bulb will become a dumb bulb.

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