Smart home technologies have been around for a while, and every day we seem to get a new “smart” object. Smart light bulbs, smart fridges, smart water, smart …


45 thoughts on “Philips Hue vs Lifx: 5 MAJOR Differences”

  1. This video is a bit older but I do want to point out for anyone still watching it like I. The hue bulbs communicate to the hub using a zigbee. Which the protocol communicates on the 2.4ghz frequency. So if you have a ton of these devices although it may take one internet connection from the hub to the router you'll still have a lot of 2.4ghz traffic which may cause interference on said frequency.

  2. ik you probably will not see this but I have a life bulb in my fan and I really want to switch to hue. causes they have a motion sensor and other accessories do you think I should do it? and should I keep my life bulb in my fan or buy a Phillips hue one

  3. I had the lifx lightbulbs at first they worked just fine then they randomly disconnect from the wifi and even though I connect then again they will still disconnect and this didn't just happen to me it happened to many other people so i don't recommend them

  4. Philips Hue is BS, I got mine when it first came out, now i cant control my lights with my phone or google home because the old Hub is not supported, i have to now spend $69.99 plus tax to buy the new hub and i am not clear if the lights would work or that is also not supported waste of money.

  5. Lifx working great for my application which is just a few living room lights and two nightstand lamps for main use as "wake up" lights. Working great, easy set up and got them when they were on sale:). Well done informative video, got right to it:). Thanks for your time spent producing this vid!

  6. This is extremely incorrect. I've been a Lifx user for many years now. You can do routines, schedules. Lifx also has near all the options, and some Phillips doesn't have. And each bulb, can be put into groups as needed, making 1 switch do multiple, or all of them if you want that. Meanwhile, with the Hue, keep in mind, a few years from now, you'll need to buy an updated hub. Happened to a friend already. Lifx never needs updating at all, they just work. It's the app that gets more and more features for them to utilize.

  7. Do LIFX products rely on an external server (hosted by the manufacturer) to operate and make adjustments or is it just communicating on your local network between the device and the app on your phone? What I'm trying to determine is whether or not I can control the devices if my internet service was disrupted (for whatever reason). Thanks in advance.

  8. Lifx lights are way more brighter than Phillips hue . Not to mention that fact that you can change the led strip to multiple colours and can make the colours move in the strip!!!

  9. Philip hue's problem is when your home is quite big, one hub is not enough. I have Google NEST wifi setup in my home already, so I chose LIFX and they work fine.

  10. What if LIFX bulbs worked as a mesh with one relaying the router’s Wi-Fi signal at all times and all of them staying connected on some other frequency to avoid cluttering the precious bandwidth? This would be suitable for a whole house, Bluetooth connection directly to a phone, and even for use with an optional hub for increased convenience if the router is far away or the array of lights large. This is what I aspire to see in a few years’ time! But for now I am quite satisfied with my brighter-than-Hue LifX bulbs with mostly reliable Wi-Fi connection (it’s my router’s fault though). Plus, the bulbs themselves are quite frankly life-changing — that’s hard to believe, but these tiny devices are so worth it! My advice to anyone hesitating to buy them would be to go straight ahead because they will not be disappointed with the results.
    Thanks for the video!

  11. I don’t have lifx I have kasao light bulbs I got them for 10 dollars so both was 20 than strips lights were 20 each and than my lamps were 20 each I got the cheapest and all connect to Alexa I didn’t need the best I just wanted light in my room and it lights up pretty well I don’t have enough outlets but I would put some under my bed than around my tv and have rainbow in my room I’m just into this room and I’m only 14

  12. An electric company gave us Hue for free! I would get lifx but getting the bridge and two bulbs for free I would get hue for the whole house
    But I would consider lifx for their strips and bars

  13. Having bought bulbs and strips for both the Lifx and Hue systems, it was immediately apparent to me that I am in fact… a Lifx man. Their lights fill the room with vibrant and wildly customizable colors. The strip is gorgeous especially when displaying multiple colors. Full intensity white is BRIGHT! No connection issues to report yet. I wanted to like it but the light from the Hue barely hit the ceiling from the bed. Very muted in comparison and not nearly as poppin' phresh.

  14. A lot of Youtubers could learn from your pragmatic approach. This whole video was value for someone like me choosing between LIFX and Hue, thank you for putting this up

  15. I've been using Lifx for a while but they recently completely overhauled their app which angered a lot of users. The new app is not as simple to use. I've also had issues with having to constantly re-add lights through the app as family members who constantly turn them on and off at the switch end up resetting the light bulb. Finally, if your router is on one side of the house, lifx bulbs on the other side of your house can sometimes struggle to get signal. All in all, I agree with your main point – if you only want one or two bulbs, go with lifx. If you want a whole home solution, get the Philips hue. I personally will be moving to the Philips hue soon so I can have the extra functionality of the smart switches and extra accessories.

  16. I am getting one of these (lifx bulb) free sometime next week. A company that I use their services said I was eligible to get one of these. Since I am deaf I use a type of phone known as the Video Phone and they said that if I get the light bulb It will flash when someone calls me. So I was just checking it out before mine arrives.

  17. I’ve had both lighting systems and Lifx lights are super vibrant and about 60% brighter then Philips Hues. I’d say it would take 3 Philips Hue bulbs to equal a single lifx bulb when it comes to vibrancy, brightness, and color. Hues do have more accessories like light switches and different bulbs but you do have to shell out $50 for the Philips hub just to get everything to work plus the cost of bulbs. My opinion Lifx Lights are better I just wished they had light switches but that’s soon about to change in 2020!! And trust me, WOMEN LOVE THE LIGHTS😜😂

  18. Dude do never get lifx bulb, I got 3 builbs from them, it's a nightmare or rather impossible to set it up, I use Google nest wifi for clarity. Just read those comments from Google Play, 2.7 score out of 5 should explain everything

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