Garden lighting ideas using the Ansell OCTO smart lighting system.

Joe goes all Monty Don in this garden lighting electrical installation. Adding garden lighting to an existing electrical installation can be tricky, especially when it …


25 thoughts on “Garden lighting ideas using the Ansell OCTO smart lighting system.”

  1. I've recently seen the Collingwood Smart System that works with the Zigbee System, which is the same system as Philips Hue. Have you guys managed to look at the Collingwood offering, as from what I can see its very competitively priced.

  2. Great video… regarding the concrete post, mine feel like that they are made out of granite! Are really hard to drill into, was using a normal hammer drill. Maybe an sds drill?

  3. I've recently left my role as Area Sales Manager at Ansell Lighting. This excellent video shows only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to OCTO lighting . I'm in the process of setting up my own business installing smart lighting and If anyone would like advice or a quote to supply please feel free to contact me at or contact me on 07368 243385

  4. My only reservation with all this smart stuff, is the fact that these manufacturers tend to drop support as time goes on, for example Phillips.
    But some nice ideas, and Ansell stuff is pretty good.

  5. Well explained thank you. I'm sold on these lights now for my bungalow. Love the feature of changing the light from warm to cool and having the pir wired on a different circuit.

  6. If anyone's interested in Casambi's products and software, just watch the videos on my channel. With newer hardware, you can also connect up to 250 devices on the same mesh network.

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