Light bulbs are one of the easiest places to start adding connectivity to your home, so we decided to try out two of the best options. Here’s what you can do with …


27 thoughts on “Comparing two of the best smart light bulbs”

  1. First time I heard about these so called smartlights I was pretty skeptical to ve honest. A collegue of mine showed me how he was able to turn on and off any light in his home all the way from the office. He said he had gradually switched over all his bulbs to smartbulbs within a few weeks. I only got 1 to begin with but ordered another 5 the day after I got it. Especially since he showed me how to get 5 for free if I buy 5. If anyone is interested just drop a comment and I'll hook you up too. I just keep buyin more of these and everyone in the house is loving them 🙂

  2. Missing in all smart light articles is

    When users buy these why do they still need a receipt for warranty?
    What I mean is that I should be able to look at my app and see
    The date it was installed
    The date the warranty expires
    The date serial number of the light
    The amount of actual ON time the light has had
    This should be very easily trackable information
    I still need to revert to the same way since Edison invented the bulb to deal with warranty…go find that receipt
    In my mind I think I know why but what do you think about not being able to track your light and power usage on such devices.

  3. Everyone is talking about lifx and hue but these 2 are super expensive for bulbs with Wi-Fi that can be dimmed through the phone instead of circle on the wall

  4. Be careful with Philips Hue. It's a rabbit hole. Once you get started, next thing you know you'll have your house filled with them and you'll buy nothing but Philips Hue because you're stuck in the ecosystem. In fact, I sometimes even forget I bought the starter kit. It's just a standard part of my house now and I just buy a bulb every once in a while. I don't even know how much money I've invested in it at this point, but too much for sure.

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