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29 thoughts on “25 Home Automation Ideas: Ultimate Smart Home Tour (volume 2)”

  1. Hi, I love your it-an-n smart home ideas and have a few you’re showing as well. I did add one you’ve shown using SmartThings and their multi sensor to alert when the fridge door is open but the logic setup is incomplete. Right now I get a text message ANYTIME the sensor is triggered by opening the fridge doors. Well, how can I adjust the programming to only alert if the fridge door is open for longer than a specified time frame?

  2. These Companies need to be more compatible with eachother, all those sensors on the Kitchen Counter, and two window sensors, Jesusssss…. Like Come On Nest guard, just work with any Sesnor lol Once its on the Wifi Pick it Up already lol

  3. Very nice video thanks for sharing, It'd be nice to break it into an Automation Series with one video tutorial per automation with affiliate links to the things we need in order to achieve the same results. This will result in a lot of video tutorials for each area of the home to be automated. Could be useful and a Big hit in times of COVID

  4. Hey Reed, another great great video, you must spend hours doing this stuff! So a question on the NFC tags would these work at multiple locations as I walk through carrying out my work house service schedules and then scanning each location showing that particular task had been completed or checked? And then say adding a check mark to task list on an app on my iPhone? Thanks again.

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