Ring Smart Lighting Review – Bridge + Floodlight + Spotlight + Motion Sensor + Issues

Today, I’m doing the part 1 video review of the Ring Smart Lights. I’ll be doing the unboxing, setup, and installation of the Ring Bridge, Floodlight and spotlight …


23 thoughts on “Ring Smart Lighting Review – Bridge + Floodlight + Spotlight + Motion Sensor + Issues”

  1. How does the floodlight cam and smart floodlight look when lighting the backyard? One on each side, do they have the same color temp?
    I recently installed a floodlight cam on one side of my yard and is thinking of adding lighting on the other side.

  2. Do u need the bridge for the solar smart light to work? I charged the battery and got it connected to the solar piece. I usually gotta take it off and put it back on for it to start working again?

  3. Great video and break down regarding having the senor also. Going to get the Ring Smart Lighting – Floodlight, Battery-Powered, Outdoor Motion-Sensor Security Light, White (Starter Kit) and now get the ring senor also for better activation for the Flood Light.

  4. Yup no need to go outside your house, get cameras. The motion lights also let you track movement. With app control you can randomly turn on your lights from your bed just for the hell of it with the rest of the house in total darkness.

  5. I may have missed this, but quick question. I currently have a dusk to dawn floodlight and was thinking about switching it out for a ring outdoor floodlight camera. My issue is I like my backyard lit at night. I just got off the phone with a ring person who states I can NOT have the floodlight come on at night, or switch the light on at night to remain on. This device will not record or send alarm any other way other then remaining dormant till motion is detected. Any input?

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