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17 thoughts on “Ring Lights review: smart, wireless home security lights”

  1. Nice review! I haven't decided if I should get spotlights only, or motion sensors as well or not. I have a ring doorbell camera that I want to connect with a spotlight or motion sensor. I have Wiz light bulbs near my front door that are connected to the doorbell through Smartthings, and they turn on when a motion is detected by the doorbell. Some people enter my property to short-cut, and I ve had break-ins in the past.
    Downfall of this setup is a delay and blind spots. Motion detection and turning the lights on are kind of delayed when someone walks by from blind spots.
    I have a question here. Can you set up "mutual triggering" between the spotlight and the doorbell ? if either of them detect a motion, activate the other.. ?? Thanks!!

  2. Thanks for the review. I'm also curious about the battery life of these lights. The lighting technology comes from the Mr. Beams lights since Ring (Amazon) purchased them. Mr. Beams lights will last over a year, but they don't have the Ring app integration like these do.

    I live in Canada as well, and I'm always curious about cold-weather performance. How did yours do?

    Note: Battery-powered security products usually have a bridge because WiFi is terrible when it comes to battery life. Z Wave is far more efficient.

  3. Great review. I’ve got a Ring security system around the house and love it. Thinking of outdoor lighting, and after this vid am more convinced. Question; how’d it fair through the winter? Don’t have Alberta cold, but Ontario cold :).

  4. Nice but I'd really rather see wired products. I have the wired doorbell (the palm trees near the front door set off the alarm all the time and I don't want to change batteries every week!)

  5. I would pay a little more if they had pathlights with different lighting options (warm light, day light, etc). Any idea if that's coming down the pike? BTW, I bought a single pathlight at Best Buy and the representative didn't tell me I needed a bridge. Thanks for calling that out in your video, and I also agree future pathlights should have the bridge capability built in and not need an extra bridge.

  6. As always, GREAT review! You included all the products and went in depth on their setup and use. I will look into which ones of these I can use at my home. Thanks again 🙂

  7. Nice Review Erin
    Question – I'm thinking about using on a storage yard that I don't have WiFi. When I'm there I just utilize Bluetooth from my smart phone. Soo can you pair the device to your Bluetooth device? Or do I need a WiFi hookup installed to make this work. Stay warm.

  8. That’s awesome Erin! 2 things, one, like you said how long the batteries lasted. Give a year to give a better review on batteries. Second, only problem I have is I live condo townhouse and can’t those on it’s property so I had see ad that show a peek hole door camera and ring. It would to have those. Thanks for sharing my friend! ❤️👍🏻

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