How to Install a Smart Home Light Switch | A DIY Electrical Guide

This week I show you how you can make your home a little smarter by upgrading your switches to new smart devices you can control from your phone, tablet, …


23 thoughts on “How to Install a Smart Home Light Switch | A DIY Electrical Guide”

  1. this was great, mine came with chinese only instructions and it came with the a spare neutral pigtail line. i ended up jumping the hots together with the pigtail and wondering why the on position was about 3/4 brightness and the off position was about 1/4 brightness and flickering. With non-dimmable bulbs. Glad i didn't fry anything!

  2. I'm in search of a smart switch solution that can help me remodel my den, the cabinets I bought come to the very edge of the door molding thereby putting the light switch un-accessible as I walk in the door now. Is it possible to replace the original switch with a smart switch and place a stick-on switch on the side of the cabinet? I have purchased the smart switch and the stick on switch but they came without instructions. Can you help me?

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