Electrical Installation for Home Automation: Turn lights on and off using Raspberry Pi 3

Home Automation App: https://youtu.be/11uGbzLuUt0 Relais Card: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMNksBv1few Door Bell: …


26 thoughts on “Electrical Installation for Home Automation: Turn lights on and off using Raspberry Pi 3”

  1. i am really confused between using a 5v relay or a 12 v relay please help me decide which one would be useful and why !!
    i will be using it for my Fan , lights and witching LED TV on/off !!

  2. I have one question and not getting answer any were. Suppose I have one raspberry pi 3 and I have made one room wiresless with the raspberry pi3 and realy module easily since it was in that room itself. Now I want to make my another room wireless as well but the problem I am facing That Bringing all the wires from another room to raspberry pi room that wires will cost a lot. How to handle this ?? Should I have to but another relay module and install in room and send the wires to raspberry pi . Please guide me how to solve this problem I have 4 rooms 2 flour house Thank you very much

  3. My landlord has padlocked the fuse box to my apartment so I don't have access to it to fiddle around with the cables going into it.

    So I've followed your advice and climbed the utility pole outside the building and I'm ready to connect the board directly to the cables above the three "boilers". I've also bought heavy gauge cables and run them through the ventilation channel to my room.

    Since there are three boilers and I only have to cables. Which am I supposed to connect to?
    And why are the boliers humming when I approch them?

    I'm looking forward to your further instructions as I'm trying to control the fans in my apartment while I'm not at home.

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