Smart lighting is one of the first steps to an Ultimate Smart Home! The Legrand smart switches in the new Radiant Collection are a great choice for your smart …


28 thoughts on “Ultimate Smart Home: Legrand Smart Light Switches”

  1. Does it work with apple homekit? I want a smart switch which looks clean and works with apple homekit. What would u recommend? If this doesn't work with apple homekit, its useless for me.

  2. I have the On-Q/Legrand Selective Call Intercom Video Door Unit, SKU: OQIC5003, Unity Home System. Do you have any suggestions to enable this system to remotely view on my iPhone when someone is at my front door?

  3. Are the switch plates removable to different colors? I want the HimeKit option but it only comes in white. I’m hoping the switch is removable and I can replace it with a standard switches panel, if that makes sense.

  4. Hey Danny love the smart home videos. I’ve been building my smart based on some of your suggestions. Could you consider doing a video on the Echo Show vs. Nest Hub Max? I would love to get your opinion on the two devices.

  5. Definitely part of team smart-switch. If you are capable of replacing switches, there doesn’t seem to be much reason at all to buy an expensive smart consumable when you can permanently install a long-life alternative that gives you more freedom to light as you see fit. A good example is that I have chandeliers that have multiples of lamps so why would I buy 3 or 5 light smart bulbs to make one smart light when I can get one smart switch. That said I would more likely go for Zigbee switches rather than WiFi connected.

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