IKEA is attempting to lower the price of smart lighting with its TRÅDFRI range. But does smart lighting and home automation need to be expensive to work …


47 thoughts on “TRÅDFRI Smart Lighting – Home Automation the IKEA Way!”

  1. I bought IKEA cabinets with inside and undermount lighting. The remote has never worked. No one at IKEA can tell me why. They don't have anyone at customer service, nor the sales people know how to help. Very frustrating. Apparently they only sell stuff but dont know how anything works. I was able to pair the remote but nothing else works.👎

  2. You should do an update on this. The system has had a few (firmware) upgrades since this video was released, and is actually a pretty decent alternative to the more complicated (expensive) smart light systems. The "buffering" is probably due to the fact that it uses the ZigBee protocol, wich is pretty slow/high latency (actually the same protocol as that big brand that everyone else uses).

  3. Here is the first one of the three extra vowels in Swedish (they come in the end of the alphabet by the way, in this order: å, ä, ö). The challenge is to really distinguish them as separate vowels, and not just muddled versions of A and O. The Å can be thought of as the ‘au’ sound in (British accent) ‘Paul’. Indeed, some Swedish Pauls actually spell their names Pål. The sound is long, as in a long ‘Pååål’, or ‘poor’.

    and you say "fri" as "free"

  4. You didnt explain it correctly. With the ‘On-off switch’, you can dim lamps too, by long pressing it on or off. I have 6 bulbs paired to one remote, works perfectly. And the ‘dimmer switch’ that you are talking about, its made for speakers and not for lamps. Although they do work.

  5. Remote worked for a year. Replaced battery. Now remote only works without rear cover installed… Makes ZERO sense. It appears that the cover is pressing the "pair" button. ????

  6. You can tap the search icon in the upper-right corner of google home app, why scrolling down five minutes? And please, stop saying hey google, you messed up all the lights in my home 🙂

  7. Hi Gary! Trådfri is pronounced Trodfri, and the comment by another person saying it translates as "Wireless" is correct 👏. IKEA (pronounced i-key-a not eye-key-a by the way, if you ever hear an IKEA advert they always say it as it should be pronounced, i-key-a.) Great review and set up video, really enjoyed it… You can wave your arms around as much as you like Gary, we humans don't have the power of flight! 😊👏👍

  8. I coded small script for my linux router to control the light gateway. Now when I come in with my phone wlan connected it will trun on the lights. 😛

  9. Lmao Yeelight has been out for years and you don't need a gateway. How much for a colour bulb? 20USD.

    And it works with Google Assistant.

    Just got Blitzwolf colour LED strip again for 20USD, again works with Google assistant.

  10. This video is definitely proved to me I bought the best system Philips Hue without a doubt, Philips Hue is very expensive it works very well and is a much better idea than this, this proves to do get what you pay for in life…

  11. So you really need the remote to connect the lights to the hub?

    It's interesting as I've set up some IKEA lights with a Conbee stick (and a Raspberry Pi) without needing the remote.

  12. Hello Dr. Gary! Can you make a video to explain is it possible to spy smartphone users by OEM, like FBI charged to HUAWEI? If it possible, how can we detect those behavior? Can't Android system detect that?

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