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23 thoughts on “TOP 5: Best Wireless Router 2020”

  1. Pour installer un tel wifi router, faut-il avoir déjà un réseau WIFI (box télécom) ?
    Si oui, une fois le router installé, peut-on déconnecter la box télécom et fonctionner uniquement avec le router ?
    (Pour un appartement de 140 m²)
    ou bien la box telecom doit rester en service ?

    To install such a router, is an existing WIFI SSID needed (a telecom box for example) ?
    In that case, once the router installed could the telecom box be disconnected or should it be always operational ?
    (for a 140 sqm appartment)

  2. Google nest wifi is garbage which is the reason I'm here trying to replace it. I can't constantly lose connecting on my tv and pc which is only 20-30 feet above the router. I have 3 of them spread across the house. Absolute garbage.

  3. Netgear is junk. My IT guy, a true guru, wouldn't touch this with a stick. In addition, every Netgear I've owned has fizzled out early. Your lucky to get 18 months of solid performance.

  4. So do i need a modem to buy my own wifi router ? I have xfinity wifi now and it’s crap, I want to buy my own router, what would i need to set it up successfully?

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