I did a video not too long ago explaining what WiFi 6 is and why you should get a WiFi 6 router. But, now, I want to try and answer the next obvious question: …


47 thoughts on “The Best WiFi 6 Routers For Every Scenario”

  1. Let me ask a newbie question, can a router increase internet speeds coming from a wireless cell phone telecommunication service provider? I use a 4G sim card and have been using a Huawei Entel router and its very slow…currently at 2mbps or less. Now wondering if I should buy another router or what…

  2. Why do none of these videos ever have Ubiquiti products? They are superior to any of this stuff. Check out "Amplifi Alien" for example. Or even their Aplifi HD which is years old now. All their stuff is top notch, affordable and doesn't come caked with problems like all these typical brands like NetGear, Linksys, D-Link etc.

  3. Wow! Well done. Very informative with no fat. I'm not even a techie, not even close (still holding strong to my galaxy note 3. Yes, THREE), but I'm subscribing anyway. This was like the unboxing therapy guy but only the info, none of the antics.

  4. Thansk for the info. I have tested out 3 of the best. Have a gig download wig Comcadt. Bought the TPlink 3000 for 129 then tried the Asus ax8000 I tjink for 299. And now Nwtgear Ax8000 for 300. If I had go back I would take the tp liink and save the money. ALL of my test showed same speed. Belive me. TP link coverage was sane for 2600 sq home. Def go with the TP link.

  5. Are you using a wifi 6 enabled device with multi mimo because I am not sure that phone is. I am about to get gig internet and I am considering getting new router but your speeds are underwhelming. I believe you can get faster speeds with a wifi 6 receiver that supports muti stream.

  6. Just bought a MB8600 with 4 gigabit ports in the back. They are supposed to enable faster speeds via link aggregation, but no one seems to sell a router with more than 2 bonded ports.

  7. Your speed is insane. I only have a maximum of 35Mbps and that's double what I used to have last year. I feel like a lot of fancy high speed routers would probably be wasted on me but I live in a big old house with thick walls and a large garden. I just want to get great signal strength coverage everywhere for a relatively cheap price.

  8. Will I benefit from wifi 6 since I live 3.5 miles from an airport? I thought the main benefit to wifi 6 was the 160 band which is useless if close to an airport? TIA for the reply

  9. Question: I have the Fios gigabit Router and was thinking of purchasing the new Fios Wifi 6 router. Would I still get the same speed from either or as long as I plug in the router via Ethernet?

  10. Great review on the routers. Not only is the content well done but you speak fast, which gets the info to viewers that much faster and you have crystal clear audio! !

  11. I currently have a regular Arris Surfboard. I am pretty happy with it. I’ll be moving into a much larger house with fios now. I’m leaning towards that SURFboard max now. I think the mesh system will work nicely.

  12. Keep in mind an aggregate link won't give you true 2Gbps for a single treat transfer, but instead 2 x 1Gbps. In means that a single thread download would only reach up to 1Gbps, but you could start another download in parallel and reach 1Gbps with that too (from another device, unless your device's network card supports more 1Gbps).

  13. Ok maybe it’s a stupid question. But if the WiFi with these routers are so fast and you have a contract with Gigabit speed, why is the speedtest so slow? I mean 300 is noch even close to a Gigabit? Do I miss something?

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