Ring Smart Lighting Review – Part 2 – Pathlights, Transformer & Step Lights

Today, we are going to check out the Part 2 of my Ring Smart Lights Review. On Part 1, we unboxed, setup and tested the Ring Floodlight, Spotlight and also the …


49 thoughts on “Ring Smart Lighting Review – Part 2 – Pathlights, Transformer & Step Lights”

  1. That's a LOT of batteries to buy and replace every year. I love the battery-powered options, but holy cow! Can't they use smaller, longer-lasting batteries? I'd pay more for that!! 🙂

  2. Great video as always. I really like the depth you go when reviewing the products. I myself have Ring products (Alarm, first Gen wired Floods, Pro doorbell, and first gen spotlight). Since I moved I only setup the Alarm and Doorbell. We are looking at accent lights outside. I would like to have it all in the same Ring ecosystem, but having to change batteries is not something I want to do every month or two. I like the Ring transformer info you provided. I just need to see how many lights it can support. Only being able to have one in the system is rather limiting. Again, great video.

  3. I appreciate the video but the speaking voice pattern drove me insane!!!!
    Please speak normally and don’t do that thing you do at the end of every sentence. No disrespect

  4. awesome reviews. does your battery path lights have a low glow at night? I have the both battery and solar path light. I noticed the battery path light has the low light glow at night.

  5. I used to build pc's but these Pathlight cams I have purchased, nothing gets them installed correctly. I even had them within a inch of the bridge and my cellphone. Any ideas?

  6. Can you use the bridge without any of the smart lights, and use it with just with cameras and doorbells to make groups?

    I noticed in the video it looks like every device's signal is dependent on how far it is from the bridge. Does this mean that wifi extenders are rendered useless and that the bridge becomes the only signal point?

  7. Are you able to set the lights (non ring landscaping lights) up into different zones so they can be turned on separately (i.e. front tree lights, from pathway, rear tree lights, rear pathway) ?

  8. Good video! Can you set mine up. I’m still lost⁉️😂😂😂 j/k. I’m thinking I should purchase this. I was really looking for a home security system compatible with Alexa and ran across this video

  9. Great video. These Ring lights look interesting. Probably the shade of the plants interfering with the sensors. They may need to be in direct sunlight. Smart idea with the mailbox.

  10. As with all your videos, this one is factual, comprehensive, fair, informative and unbiased. BTW, your house looks beautiful with this illumination at night and it appears that all the work was well worth it!

    I had the same issue with the Ring extender and ended up returning it and the Ring Spotlight cam. I bought a TP-Link- AC1750 Wifi Range Extender (up to 1750Mbps) Dual Band, Repeater, Internet Booster, Access Point. Problem solved! It also extend WiFi signal to Google Smart Home devices, such as the Google Hub. The walls of my house are all CBS /plaster finished (no drywall). Yet in spite of that fact the TP-Link has performed flawlessly. I also managed to run wire to power all my cameras. As it turned out, the hassle was well worth it.

    I decided against buying ANY devices that use batteries. This turned out to be a wise move. At first I thought I would only have ONE camera but it has turned out that I now have ELEVEN! Caveat Emptor.

    i also have SIX of the solar lights / motion detectors shown on your videos.

    The point I'm trying to make is that it would be a nightmare to keep track on changing batteries on all these devices! At the end, it has been my experience that batteries will fail when one needs them the most! I don't recall having bought a "D" cell battery since a decade ago. The only device (camera or light) that uses batteries (AA) is the Over Lite wireless, motion-activated light that I have on a window (same arrangement with a Wize cam as shown on one of your videos). It would only be triggered if someone comes near a bedroom window inside my fenced-in property (not a likely event, unless someone is stupid enough to jump the fence and risk getting shot!).

    All my garden / walkway lights are solar powered and act as adjunct fixtures for my Nest and Arlo Pro 2 lights which surround the property so I can capture images as in daylight (no PIR). When the system is triggered the property looks like a football field during a Friday night game!

    Ring better solve the connectivity / range issues with their cams or else they are going to be left behind. New cameras are being introduced almost every month and they better get on the ball or they will soon cease to be competitive!

    All my home security cam system was planned, designed and installed based on what I learn on this channel.

    Thanks Lifehackster!

  11. Lifehackster, I’m so disappointed in ring, their customer service has be the worst and their products are constantly having issues, I can’t even use my alarm keypad anymore

  12. Interesting issue with the poor sensitivity with the light sensors. I would be interested if your steplight, placed in the same area somehow, has the same problem. Our Mr. Beams steplight do not come on until it is starting to get dark.

  13. Hey, L.H, nice review very helpful. I truly wish Ring would address the poor signal issue with most of their products. Question…is your mailbox metal? I was just wondering if the step light's signal would work in my metal mailbox. That is a cool idea…I like that. 👍 Thanks again for the video.

  14. Nice setup! How did the new smart lights work with your Ring video doorbell Pro? Are you keeping it on your front door or changing it with the Nest Hello? Keep up the good work!

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