In homes and cars, heating and air conditioning systems consume significant amounts of energy. In the ground beneath Honda Smart Home’s backyard, eight …


9 thoughts on “Radiant Geothermal Heating & Cooling — Honda Smart Home US”

  1. I have something similar but my system is broken and it was malfunctioned and I now was heating trough electric heaters.
    I will repair faults on the spring.

  2. I am a bit puzzled by the shallow size of the holes. I would have thought the holes going down would be between 100 to 300 feet in order to both increase the volume for storing thermal energy and to isolate thermal temperature variations.

    My mistake, I saw you are using this with heat waste from grey water. I mistakenly thought you might have been injecting solar summer energy for winter use.

  3. I would say the opposite: try doing this in a hot climate where the ground temperature is not as favorable. I am in Oklahoma. We usually have wells that go very deep. What did they backfill the holes with? Or did they at all? How are the saturation models?

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