How to setup and get started with your Philips Hue smart home lighting, including tips and tricks on controlling your new bulbs with the likes of Apple Homekit, …


50 thoughts on “Philips Hue | Setup, Tips & Tricks”

  1. Great video Chris thanks. I was hoping you might have some advice about extending the cable on the light bar. Philips only seem to offer a 5M black female/male cable to give you extra length but I need less than that and I have a white play bar. Is there a more generic non branded item on the market and what ?specifications do I need to be looking for

  2. Nice guide, What do you do with your regular old switch you were using before? Do you leave it on for the power supply? or do you never use it anymore?

  3. I have a question, I do not have any router or any of that in my house I am using my Hotspot for everything in my house So al is Wireless. so please let me know if I just wasted my money in getting this because It can't be used without a router

  4. I wanted to know if these bulbs were going to be good for me, as I currently use the C by GE bulbs and don't like them. This seems way more intuitive, and your review/set-up answered all my questions! Thanks!!

  5. Anybody know why the light bars won’t work with google home voice command? The lights work with Philips Hue app, and show up in Google Home but voice command doesn’t seem to work. I used Google HomeKit to allow Siri to voice command but I have to have my phone to do that.

  6. I'm getting my first pair of Hues tomorrow (Edison fittings), so was looking for tips / tutorial, so thanks dude. UK too 🙂 I like the look of those light bars that you showed as well, so I'll be getting a pair of those too later on.

  7. Great review! One Question, how does the control remote works? Is it link to all the lights? or you assign the control to just one light. I am moving to a new place with my non-really-tech partner and I would like to create a smart-house and still have the normal switches for her.

  8. I have a Phillips Ambilight tv and i can link my Phillips Bulbs Via the bridge to the TV, .. can the Light bars do the same will the ambi light TV detect the lightbars and project whats happening on the TV on the wall IE Colour ? .

  9. Do you just need to connect it with the router via the Ethernet cable? How come I see others connecting it to the outlet with the weird adapter? And where do I get that from?

  10. You almost sound like joe Elliot from Def Leppard. Thanks for the video. I have had his lights for years, I need some creative ways to put my lights other then lamps. Got a hue light strip too but it’s the first gen

  11. if I dont have internet connection, only wifi router.. can I still manage the light locally via alexa / nest hub? (all devices connected to that wifi router but no internet connection)?

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