On The New Screen Savers show, Megan Morrone shows us the Noon smart lighting system and how it works. Watch the full episode: https://twit.tv/tnss/131 …


23 thoughts on “Noon Smart Lighting System”

  1. I changed a light switch as a kid while my mom was home and didn't what her to know. I didn't turn off the power and managed to not die. Im sure most people can figure it out when they turn off the power. Hell my school had a class that had eletrical outlet wiring and how to put everything on an individual or one circuit.

  2. I was super excited as I watched this video until you mentioned what the price was.


    I get that the President, CEO and ELT need to become filthy rich but this cost is totally prohibiting!!!

    Do you know how much I could automate my house after I spent thousands to install your products in my house?!!!

    Sorry but you lost me even with the $99 price!

  3. Since the posting of this video the starter kit went from $399 to $529 and additional switches went from $99 to $129. Aren't technology prices supposed to go in the other direction as time goes by?

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