Is Lutron Caseta the ultimate HomeKit lighting system? – Lutron Caseta Review

We all want smart lighting, but when using smart bulbs like Philips Hue, you have to keep light switches on. Making the switch smart with Lutron Caseta allows …


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  1. Completely inaccurate and misleading review. They're simple to install (5 minutes), easy to connect (5 minutes) and work flawlessly. They are excellent quality and deserve a better review than this.

    Integrate well with Google Home but I just wish my hue hub would recognize them.

  2. The Picos allow 2, 3, 4 or more way switches with full dimming abilities and multi light control (not limited to the originally connected equipment). I think Lutron's choice here for dimmers was quite conscious – and your criticism is very silly – reusing old switches would be horribly limited in this context. The Lutron switches do allow this multi-way functionality with traditional switches. Caseta now does have fan controls but not dual fan/light, they also have blind/shade control. Multiple Lutron dimmers do exist – but the differences are for load ratings and ELV/LED. Some do have a favorite button though – which is a nice manual feature missing from most of the dimmers (but present on most of the Picos). The ability to mount a pico as a 3-way switch or scene controller and look like any other Lutron dimmer is brilliant.

  3. For the cost these look and feel really low budget. The Pico remote is just ugly in my opinion. So close off a switch so you can put theirs on the other end then stick a remote to the wall next to a useless switch? I'm always the kind of person to want to do something right not patch it with a workaround. That's how their switches look to me. Yo pay $50 for a switch and then get a hub your looking at $100 just to get up and running. Color choices are also limited.

  4. I’m sorry but this guy knows very little about Lutron as a company and what they provide. Lutron is and started as the first smart home automation company. This system is a very dumb down very simple version of others. Which are very expensive systems. Upwards to $250 a switch if you looking for a more involved system and have the extra money to spend the Lutron Radio Ra2 is a step up from the hard wire home automation system that you can even incorporate Lutron shades into to complete your home automation system. The guys review of this system is very basic with the most basic knowledge of what he’s talking about.

  5. They have the patent that let's their switches work without a neutral wire. I'm pretty sure setting up a 3 way without the remote wouldn't work using their patent tech that make Lutron one of the few companies with a smart light switch that does not need a neutral.

  6. Hey Eric, can these switches be configured as an always-on switch for Hue bulbs, i.e., to where pressing the off button doesn't actually cut power to the circuit but sends a command to Hue instead? I'm essentially looking for a more permanent-looking alternative to the Lutron Aurora Dimmer.

  7. Might be a stupid question …. but I want to put led recessed lights and because I have no neutral wire … I want to install the caseta dimmer. Is the caseta dinner compatible with all led recessed lights??

  8. I just bought one, along with numerous white rocker switches to upgrade from the old "piss stain" yellow toggle switches and wall plates that are scattered throughout the entire house. I'm doing it mostly to help give the house a fresh updated look; but I also wanted to be able to control the main living room and kitchen lights with a dimmer via my iPhone. Caseta Lutron was the golden ticket; everything works flawlessly and looks great compared to the old yellow toggle switches that it replaced. Which is why I don't get your gripes about how it looks and feels, especially when you're using wall-plates that have screws exposed. Then on top of that you have it next to an old fashioned toggle switch that isn't even centered within it's opening. If anything, that is what makes your light switches look less premium. Just FYI, Lutron does sell the Claro Designer Wall Plate in 1-Gang thru however many you desire; they're so much nicer and they cover the screws. I'd also suggest you upgrade from a toggle switch to a rocker switch being that they are both rectangular in shape, and thus would look much more symmetrical when sitting next to each other within a 2 (or more) gang wall-plate. I also like how the Pico remotes replace the need for an actual three way switch. It feels the same to me; and I could care less about how the future owner of MY CURRENT HOME may or may not feel about it. New owners usually change just about EVERYTHING anyway; I sure did. #notmyproblem

  9. I am seconding all that was said in the post by Brad Cohen. I have approx 15-20 Lutron Caseta devices installed that includes dimmers, switches and lamp dimmer outlets. I have had to replace one malfunctioning dimmer, but other than that, all has worked flawlessly. I am using the Pro model bridge that allows integration with Hubitat to create a local, non-internet, based automated system. system.

    One important thing not mentioned about the Pico is that a single remote can operate multiple dimmers. I have 2 lamps on opposite sides of a room that required a lamp dimmer so it was necessary to install one for each device. I then paired the same Pico with both dimmers and that same Pico controls both. I don't know the upward limit on the number of devices than can be controlled by one Pico. I have read of an instance of 18. But, that was most certainly unofficial and should be taken with a grain of salt.

    I am a true Lutron believer, but I do agree with your assessment of the "feel" of the switch. It could most definitely be improved.

  10. I am not sure what advantage having a 3 or 4 way hardwired switch setup offers over using a Lutron dimmer and Pico Remotes in the other locations. They look identical to a Lutron dimmer when mounted in the box and using a wall plate. In addition, this architecture allows installing a 3 or 4 way functionality in an older home that only has single pole switches, thus eliminating the need to hard wire a 3/4 way leg where an additional control switch is desired. Frankly, you seem like a nice enough guy, just a little light on understanding, to be giving reviews. Of course, the price was right. 🙂

  11. I noticed that you were interested in using the other multi-application switches. You show a light/fan maestro switch when you mention that. I believe if you go with a RA2 Select system instead of Caseta then you can use those maestro switches.

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