IKEA’s new smart lighting system just recently started rolling out to stores in US and Canada. The IKEA Tradfri/Trådfri series includes a variety of bulbs and …


34 thoughts on “IKEA's Cheap Smart Lights | IKEA Tradfri (trådfri) Gateway Kit”

  1. I don't get it…for an old folk here, can these lights be installed anywhere in the house (like do you have to use that ikea base or can you simply replace the bulb with this ikea bulb then install the app)? That base…i dont get it, can you hang it, it is a bit bulky and it is simply to add to a desk or a room? I guess what i am trying to ask is wireless bulbs is not as simple as just swapping out current bulb?


    What a nightmare this has been to try to get working. Now I can’t even get the gateway to be recognized never mind trying to get bulbs into Apple HomeKit.

    If they can’t make something that works they shouldn’t be selling it!!!

    I feel like I got screwed over by ikea and am still waiting for them to get back to me.

  3. Ikea TRÅDFRI will grow big but its really not that attractive with the pricing and the function as of now.

    I would rather go with Phili Hue that is Apple Homekit ready and much more different kind of light bulbs.

  4. Great video David, well done with the review and videography. I’m just starting my own channel mostly doing technology based review, tips and demo videos, and would appreciate it if you could have a look and provide me with some feedback. You can reach me through YouTube or via twitter/instagram @jakereevesvideo. It’s great to see another Canadian technology reviewer doing so well!

  5. Hi, I’ve just watched the video, very clear and concise thankyou, any chance you can make an updated one including there new outlet (plug) and integrating with Apple HomePod etc ?

  6. Works fine but the problem is when there is power interruption. Imediatelly after power is recovered all remote controled lights comes on by default which is a big disadvantage.

  7. Would the basic model with remote be best for someone who just want to be able to turn ON/OFF multiple lights via physical switch? (no smartphone controlling or wifi network connection required)

  8. The worst bulbs to buy is from IKEA ….. I bought 3 bulbs, 2 of them were damaged after two years and it is supposed to live longer than that ….. And of course, I lost the bill due to the long time. They said they cannot change them for me because I don't have the bill knowing that Ikea name is printed on the box and on the lamp ….

  9. Wait, can't you set the colour temperature and dimmer to automatically change at different times of day? So can't you set one of those changes for the same time as your alarm?

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