Whether you are a smart home beginner or expert, here’s how to build a smart home. I get a lot of questions about where to get started or what’s compatible.


27 thoughts on “Ultimate Guide to Starting and Growing a Smart Home”

  1. This video was just scratching the surface of what to look for when getting started! If you have any questions feel free to ask them, or if you’re a smart home expert give your best advice below. 👏 And thanks so much for watching.

  2. I saw that you know very much about that smartthings stuff and I want to make my house a little bit smarter. So I have some questions to you: Can I connect Innr Bulbs with ZigBee directly to the Smartthings Hub or do I need the Philips Hue Bridge? And if I want to control these lights with the Philips Hue Dimmer Switch or the motion sensor, does this work with the Smartthings Hub or do I need there the Philips Hue Bridge?
    I hope you can help me 🙂

  3. Need a video on the light strip progress bar. I am chronically late for everything and I feel like this would help me so much with getting out the the door on time! LOL

  4. hi im having trouble connecting a feit smart bulb using my iphone and the app im connected to wifi and password is correct and light is blinking in pairing mode but wont connect… would you happen to have any tips to connecting this baby? i need some changable light in my life please help i cant get it to do a thing but blink… maybe you have some experience navigating the app but i am confused could you help?? thanks a ton

  5. i want to buy an aqara gateway 3 because it have light, speaker and "alarm delay". Do you recommend it? I want a eu originalplug but i cant find it on aliexpress (im from chile so aliexpress its my only cheap chance to get this stuff for the moment)

  6. Hey guys and girls. I’m just starting up my smart tech home. Bought some Ajax gu10 that have temperature change from warm white to cool white. How can I set it up to automatically to change from cool white at 1800 to a warm white at 2100? Any help would be appreciated!

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