This is the Ultimate Smart Home Lighting system with a OLED Display! Build the best smart home setup with one the best smart home lighting systems with Noon …


40 thoughts on “Best Ultimate Smart Home // Noon SMART Lighting System!”

  1. Great video! So I understand the purpose of the switch is to make your lights smart and not replace your bulbs with smart bulbs. But, have you used them both together, how well does it work with either LIFX or Philips hue lights? I’m replacing a bunch of my lights with LIFX bulbs and I’m wondering if it’s worth buying the noon to control them. Would you do it? Thanks!

  2. Great video. Comparing this to $30 bulbs isn't comparable though since noon can't do multi-temperature or color. Philips hue white bulbs are $15 with other single temperature bulbs being even less.

  3. So am I understanding this correctly that if you have say 10 recessed lights on one noon switch and the room director, you can control each bulb individually? I was fearing having to buy 10 individual smart bulbs, because I want to control each light individually…

  4. How so you connect the main controller to each light? Through wires? Or there’s a thing that you connect to each light and then those things connect to the controller wirelessly?

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