TP-Link AC1750 Wireless Router Review Unboxing & How to Set Up Archer A7

41 thoughts on “TP-Link AC1750 Wireless Router Review Unboxing & How to Set Up Archer A7”

  1. I'm thinking of getting this, I have Fios gigabit internet but I'm getting 30 mbps down and 20-30 mbps up on the router they give you, I get a maximum of 120 mbps down when Im right next to the router.

  2. I have a Xbox one and a family of 6 all with iPhone 8 and above, I need a wired connection to not lag while gaming one my Xbox one, I gave my brother a ps5 for Christmas and now when we both play together we both lag, would this product help us out?

  3. I picked one up today from Office Depot. It was wrapped however has a scratch on the front which makes me wonder if it was previously used. The Office Depot description was 2 usb ports but the one I got today is one. Not happy.

  4. Good move! ☀️ Quite possible that Verizon was using their own routers to throttle your speed (that is, artificially slowing your bitrate), in an attempt to get you to upgrade to a more expensive package, with THEIR router, of course. 🤬 If you paid for 100Mbps and you were getting 33, you were likely being throttled. Was that old router rated at 100Mbps or higher?

  5. Easy to set up. Works like a beastЀㄱ Very lightweight and goes further than our old router by far, great signal. On top of that, lots of extra functionality like iPhone app support, Alexa, easy set-up and sharing of guest networks, automatic switching based on which network has the best speed, etc.

  6. This helped I bough it not expecting much and I play pro Fortnite arena and was losing a lot because my ping was about 40 now my ping is 10-20

  7. Hi! I really need some help setting mine up!! Will i still need to purchase a modem in order to use this router for verizon fios??? I am only using the fios internet only plan.

  8. you didnt have to do about 10 of those steps. should be a default password and ssid on a sticker on the new router, just feed it internet, connect to it wirelessly, follow instructions to navigate to the setup page. finished

  9. I got this yesterday my Netgear modem +router in one box was doing 20 on WiFi when it’s supposed to do 90 and after this I’m getting 90 on WiFi

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