These are the best of the best Smart Home Products you gotta have in 2020. I sum it all up into this one video of the top 20 HOTTEST Smart Home Products in …


11 thoughts on “20 Smart Home Products You Gotta Have in 2020”

  1. Thanks for the video. I picked up a U-tech lever because of your recommendation. I looked at the Nano lights and was disappointed in the number of negative reviews on their site, complaining about no email response from tech support. Too many companies feel that all they need to do is sell the product and to hell with customer support. Samsung IMO is the poster child for this. Sadly pathetic.

  2. Nice to see you in the video creators live chat today. We just finished rigging our new home with all the smart home tech and it makes it hard to want to leave hahaha. Great video & looking forward to watching more. Cheers!

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