My favorite smart home automation ideas. I even crashed into my garage door making this video. Much of these are based on my Hubitat Elevation but you can …


29 thoughts on “26 Home Automation Ideas – My Smart Home Tour!”

  1. Hi John, maybe you have an idea but I'm trying to figure out a system whereby I can attach an outdoor door contact sensor to my gate that would sent an audible alert to my backyard when the gate is opened. For example if we're swimming in the pool and pool guy or landscaper comes thru the gate then we have a way to be notified before he appears. (not having phone on us in the pool for alerts). Any ideas? I don't want a blaring alarm, just something noticeable. Thanks

  2. I built a shower and it has automated shower valves all controlled with smartthings or alexa. Has a thermostatic valve that controls the water temp to exact temp. It has smartthings buttons inside the shower to change from regular shower to rain shower or handshower or all at once. Three Smart switches outside the door that controls each individual valve. Also my hot water tank is quite aways from my bathroom so i have a motion sensor that trips when i'm going to the bathroom that will turn on all valves in the shower for 20 seconds so that all water in the bathroom is warm and i don't have to run the water in the sink and wait on the warm water. I also have my electric blanket controlled by a smart plug that when going to bed i tell alexa good night and it changes lights and turns on my electric blanket so that i have a warm bed to crawl into. I also have a front door sensor that when i'm leaving, i turn my smart living room switch off before opening the door and when i open the door, it turns off all lights and tv's in my house. When i come home, it also turns my living room tv on and my living room light, also my thermostat changes temps when i leave and also when i come home with location of my phone. Alexa also welcomes me home when i come home before my tv comes on. When i wake up in the morning and tell alexa good morning, she changes temps on my thermostat, turns on my bedroom tv and sets to a specific channel for morning news. At night, alexa turns bedroom tv on and sets a timer for 1 hour to power off. Turns off all other lights in the house and living room tv. Happy smart homing everyone! This is a few of my fun ones that i've enjoyed.

  3. Are you using the User App "Echo Speaks" on the Hubitat? If so, do you notice a delay? This was a GREAT Video, gave me more ideas, I like the light that changes color based on the door Lock/Unlocked.

  4. Some nice ideas. The one with the garage lights though. Have you considered if someone breaks in? If the lights come on it gives them a helping hand.

    I've got all my lights motion sensor activated. I use smart bulbs. However, if the home monitor (I use Smartthings) status is either armed/stay or armed/away the lights don't come on.

    Put of interest, would you recommend Hubitat over Smartthings? I'm thinking of swapping to Hubitat for the local rather than cloud based service. The only fly in the ointment is lack of Lifx support out of the box.

  5. Great stuff. I mostly have all that. Can you please tell me in few words how you have Alexa to great the person who unlock the door with a code ? I can do that with one code only. What about wifey code ? Thanks 🙏🏾

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