In this video, I review the cheapest Wifi 6 router that is available on the market. This is the TP Link AX1500. It has 2 bands: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The 2.4 GHz …


26 thoughts on “Cheapest Best Router Wifi 6: TP Link AX1500 Honest Review”

  1. hi i went to amazon and i saw many reviews that said you have to pay the subscription to manage the router, is that true? They said it's a monthly fee which is a rip off.

  2. How has it held up long term? I know it has only been a few months, but have you had to deal with random connection drops, disconnections etc where you need to keep going back to reboot it?

  3. Idk if you will answer this but do I need a modem for it? I got a new service provider and they have me a router that just plugs right into the phone line in the wall. Will I be fine if I buy this?

  4. We have 20 devices connected to a router. Only 2 devices support wifi 6. Should we get a wifi 6 router? It says wifi 6 is better at handling multiple devices. Does the advantage apply even if most devices we have are only wifi 5 devices?

  5. You have a wifi6 router, but didn't use a wifi6 enabled device to test the connection. The only apple products with wifi 6 are the iphone 11.

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