I bought a BRAND NEW house and decked with it out a ton of Smart Home gear including smart lights, smart plugs, smart switches, door locks, tv, NFC tags, …


12 thoughts on “My Ultimate 2020 Smart Home Tour Of My Brand New House!”

  1. 3:20 alright mate! We’ve only just met, you haven’t even bought me dinner yet!

    Great video, interesting use of NFC tags, they are an underrated and very powerful part of a smart home

  2. Nice Video @adams keep up the Excellent Work, Enjoy your video and as @Reed comments I also love the NFC tag will have to test it out. Not a Apple lover like you and @Erick but hopefully they improve on device Support for your smart stuff. Will keep watching your Videos From Panama. Keep it up buddy.

  3. Good stuff Adam. I'm surprised you edit all videos on your iPad. I have from time to time but it takes me twice as long. I really only do it when I'm traveling but I try to force myself at home but I always find myself going back to my mac.

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