Upgrading our WORST Wifi Setup – NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router Showcase

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20 thoughts on “Upgrading our WORST Wifi Setup – NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router Showcase”

  1. I‘d use the GO (i don’t know if I wrote it correctly) to play on the servers 500km or closer so I know I can take my rage out on the people who killed me in Fortnite😂

  2. still the upload is so freaking slow!
    i have 300 on dl and 160 on upl, via cable connection that is
    but i have to admit that getting 300 on wifi is huge,thats a very good device

  3. I decided to go with the XR300 Nighthawk after this video about a year ago. Since then, have had to replace one unit with customer support and have continuously been on customer support since then and just can’t seem to get it to consistently give me the speeds I need. Currently paying for a gigabit of internet. I’m getting 800-900 consistently via a wired connection but never more than 50mbps via wifi. I live in a 800 square foot apartment and I can’t even consistently FaceTime a family member 20 feet from this router. Netgear customer support hasn’t been able to figure out anything and I’ve just about given up on this router. My old Apple AirPort Extreme from waaay back gave me higher speeds than this thing.

  4. Netgear…the worst purchase ever made. When you call for support they try to up-sale you, claiming your network is not secure…the product did not work and the vendor they sold the unit from will not honor returns…do not waste your money!

  5. As an internet tec the router is very little in your band width. It is actually what you pay for. Your router is just basicly used as an area of where you get wifi. Also netgear is very known for having the internet port going out. So in 2 years your $300 router is usless

  6. This video is for enthusiasts like me. If you want a cheaper solution that will still upgrade your stupid xfi gateway to a better setup, then try the netgear nighthawk ac1900 (c7000v2) modem/router combo, paired with the netgear ac1900 mesh extender. I also recommend turning on their fast lane technology on the extender to commit to one band for maximum performance. The extender should be relatively in the middle between your router and your device. Always run speed tests for the best setup.

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