Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch 3-Way Kit by TP-Link Setup Tutorial

In this video, we’ll explain how to set up a Kasa HS210 KIT Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch 3-Way KIT by TP-Link. Control lights that are connected to multiple switches …


34 thoughts on “Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch 3-Way Kit by TP-Link Setup Tutorial”

  1. I had the one 3 way switch installed it all works, the problem i am facing is that when I toggle the traditional switch the smart switch is not functional, i had to toggle back the traditional switch to make the smart switch work, am I doing anything wrong?

  2. I currently use 5 single poles and 1 dimmer switch. These are really great quality smart products and I just ordered another one to replace a switch in my bathroom to control my air vent to automatically turn on when the door is shut using a wyze contact sensor.

  3. Supposedly you can do this with just one hs210 and leave the other switch dumb. I installed one and it works correctly (both switches turn the light on and off as expected), but the device/app doesn't know when the light is on.

  4. Does TP-Link sell a 4-gang face plate? Or is there a brand of face plate that works with the TP-link switches? I've got a 4 gang light switch that has a 3-way switch, a dimmer, a switch that turns power on and off to a wall socket and a regular 2-way switch that I want to replace with smart switches.

  5. I followed the instructions in the video and when I went to turn the power back on the Kasa switch would not turn the lights back on. The green and orange lights did appear and I successfully connected it to my Kasa app…. so how do I get it to turn on the lights? Does this mean I set it up wrong?

  6. So if I can get away with using one normal three-way switch on one end and this TP Link three way switch on the other is there any reason that I can’t use a dimmable switch on the other end so that I can dim the circuit since you guys don’t make a three-way dimmable switch does that make sense?

  7. Anyone knows if i can buy this 3-way smart switches but use the 2 different switches for just a regular smart switch like hs200 in a 2 different rooms?

    Will the 2 switches name interfere with smart google device? Can i name the each of the switch independently? so that i can communicate through google home device with no issue.

  8. I wired both switches, and set them up in an app, but when I press on it, there's really long (10-15 second) delay before the light turns on. Turning off is instant. How can I resolve that problem? It's kind of useless to have that delay as I'm already through my hallway before the light even turns on… Makes me think I might not need a light there after all.. 😛

  9. So I wired up the first switch and it went well, then I opened up my other switch and there was no neutral wire. The video seemed to indicate that it was ok if there was at least one neutral connection between the two. However, when I turned the switch on, the light would only stay on a split second and turn off.
    I found if I grounded the neutral wire from that second switch, then that switch worked, but the first switch will not.
    Any ideas?

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