Red Sea’s all-new ReefLED™ smart reef lighting system has been designed to ensure optimal coral growth, dramatic coloration, and a gentle shimmer …


29 thoughts on “Red Sea’s ReefLED™ 90 smart reef lighting”

  1. I am trying to set up my red sea reefled 90 for my new Max 170 aquarium. Unfortunately I could not get it to connect to my home wifi despite having whole home coverage. I did a reset to factory settings and can now no longer put it in AP mode to try and connect to reefbeat. Both the plug light and the settings gear light are now constantly red (no blinking). Hitting the settings button no longer seems to have any effect. I've tried unplugging the unit. I have reached out to your technical team and haven't received a response. Tried calling your 1800 number for customer service but no one picks up. Please help. So far I have not been able to get this light turned on at all.

  2. Hi I am thinking of purchasing the red sea 170 or 200xl tank. Can you just confirm which of your lights would be best for these aquarium setups. I plan to keep fish and corals although not decided what I will be keeping as will be my first reef tank. Please can you advise?

  3. Just got 2 reefled90 for my 3feet tank, just got a problem that is the moon light will not be on when the program comes to its turn.
    Is it because of my time setting that
    is from 13:0000:00 and then the moon section can't be set over midnight (00:00) cause it is another day routine?

  4. Very smart marketing by trademarking the light as reefled anyone who google searches reef led lighting will get this as first option. I’ll give these a shot and send u all my feedback

  5. I don't like these brackets, as they dont seem adjustable in any scense. Height and or depth should be adjustable based on aquarium type. Also little was said about the clamping of this item. Is it only for rimless tanks? What about thick rimmed tanks? Also bluetooth programmability would have been better much like current USA has done with there system. Internet is not required and neither is the extra router and no loss of features. Another big thing is the colors are not fully customizable as some of the more competitive brands of lighting. Sure they are pricey, but we haven't hears anything about price on your models of lights either, nor have you shown full effects of color on various coral esp zoas. The tanks you should in this video were very plain with limited coral species and not much color. I think alot needs to be addressed here.

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