This is the first episode of Smart Home Automation Series, regarding KNX. There will be several videos for KNX that will learn you how to install, program and …


41 thoughts on “Smart Home – How to start with KNX”

  1. Ωραίο βίντεο έβγαλες. Δουλεύω με αυτοματισμους εδώ στον Καναδά. Η τυποποίηση εδω δεν είναι KNX είναι BACNET. Έχουμε και MODBUS που και που. Έλεγα να μετακομίσω Ελλάδα να κάνω αυτοματισμους εκεί αφού είμαι και Έλληνας.

  2. Thanks for the comprehensive tutorial!
    What I don't understand though why do you need a led controller, 24v power supply and a dimming actuator?
    I thought if I'd get the MDT AKD-0424R.02 that this unit would provide the power and dimming capabilities for the led lights to dim, power on and switch on & off?
    Am I wrong in my assumption?
    Either way good video man 🙂

  3. Hello could be useful add a thermal breaker (or differentials) to each exits (where the lights will been connected) to prevent shorts circuits that could damage the knx components?

  4. Φίλε πραγματικά είσαι απίστευτος, σου βγάζω το καπέλο… Από σήμερα είμαι φανατικός σου οπαδός

  5. Thanks for doing this! I'm currently setting up a KNX system myself, and my KNX bus cable has 4 wires like yours but with an additional bare copper wire in there too, what would that be used for??

  6. hi .thanks for video .i have a question about smart draw .devices which you located in smart draw are pictures or are schematic of real device?how can i add them to the smart draw and wiring them same as you

  7. Great video, very clear. Thanks. Can I suggest something: add a short demo of the end result at the beginning and end. Like: We are going to build this functionality… Your showing of the end-result was only a few seconds. A bit more time there would make it easier to understand what the goal (end-result) is.

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