How I Do Smart Home Lighting Setup In Small Spaces – Part 1: Cost and Methods

How I Do Smart Home Lighting Setup In Small Spaces – Part 1: Cost and Methods If you’d like to see how I’m using smart lighting in smaller spaces in my home, …


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  1. Hi there, another great video, and being a complete newbee to the home automation scene I'm finding your Chanel very educational.

    If I'm picking you up right though, and I want to set up a system like you have in your closet, am I right in thinking that if you've already got a Samsung hub (like I would have if I've already set up a system like your Laundry room), then I would not have to buy another Samsung hub? If so that would make the set up a lot cheaper…

    Ok I'm off to watch the rest of this series. Best wishes from Ireland.

  2. Hi Brian
    I hope you are feeling better soon mate ,
    a question for you please I am working out what I need as I will in the coming months have to rewire my house as I have said before
    Not knowing much about the Phillips Hue at I thinkthey are approx 79$ this end of cyberspace IF and when they blow is it the complete unit you have to replace or is it a globe that you screw into the base?
    for that would work out fairly expensive over time
    And do you have to buy the from what I have seen here in Aust. the Hue comes in a a packet witth a romote control as it seems to have different lighting colors i or is that a different OR a Exclusive" top of the range model I was lookng at..
    Next is it possible to just buy the hue bulb and hook it into Google home, your network , plug it in and off you go instead of buying a Philips hub?
    Im sure I could find an option in in sonoff switches that would be cheaper
    and speaking of sonoff After experimenting with the basic switches I realise a couple of flaws in Just having a in line switch only

    In Australia our Phone network and Internet come down the same line though the same modem IF for some reason the Modem goes down or the internet goes off you not only have NO landline, but No internet and hence NO wifi to ooperate your home Automation

    very frustrating wanting to turn on a Light and you cant do it

    So it looks like I am going to have to invest in some Smart switches ( Light type switches ) on the walls for most of the lights as a alternative to using Wifi and Google home and
    or GHH etc

    We can get into this Home Automation easily But you also have to look into the "Old Ways " that have been modified to work in Synergy with the new !
    Tony from Western Australia

  3. thanks for the video. I had asked a similar question on another video, but if I have the Echo Plus 2nd generation then I do not need either of the hubs, correct? Also, do you have a recommendation for simple under cabinet lighting for a kitchen – one with and without power? The strip you mention in this video may work well?

  4. You end up with 2 hubs. And 2apps to control the lights if you don't use motion or if you want to close the door and keep the m light on. Is personal preference but prefer to control all my smart home in one page of glass.

  5. I prefer occupancy sensor switches in the laundry room and closets. Used to have one in the garage at the old place. No need to buy special lights or hubs. I think they were under 20 each.

  6. FYI! The Amazon Echo Wall Clock connection issue has been fixed. Wall Clock update #86 fixes communication issues if you want to share it with your viewers. Hope you are feeling better.

  7. Feel better soon!

    Instead of smart bulbs, I use dimming LED bulbs with smart dimmer Lutron Caseta switches. I think smart dimmers with non-smart bulbs is cheaper, especially if you need multiple bulbs. That said, the startup cost may be higher and this route may not be ideal for non-homeowners.

  8. I use the same closet battery operated stick up lights that you showed at the end. Simple but effective. As I’m a photography geek too, I like the last round one shown because you can choose the color temperature, and I prefer the “warm” (yellowish) lights since they are more aesthetically pleasing than the typical LED lights that have a cool color temperature.

    I also have 32 Phillips Hue bulbs, about half of those are the white and the other half are color. For a couple floor lamps in the living room they use candelabra bulbs, and I think Hue offers those but at a much higher cost, so control them with a Kasa TP-Link 105 instead. Using Google Home Routines I can set schedules that coordinate the Hue bulbs and those controlled by the TP-Link.

    Some of the Phillips Hue are in a detached studio structure where wifi from my main router is weaker, so on the near corner of the house I have a repeater set up with it’s own Phillips Hub, and that hub controls the lights in the Studio. It is disappointing that a) a Phillips Hub must be wired to the router and does not offer a wireless connection, and b) smart home apps like Google Home, Alexa, and HomeKit only support one hub at a time. In order to accommodate voice control of lights in the studio which has it’s own hub from the house, I had to configure HomeKit (through Apple HomePods) for that hub, and then when in the house voice control of the house lights is through Google Home. I hope that Phillips Hub one day adds both wireless hub connections and can support multiple hubs from a single smart home app. I found the app Yeti can provide unified, seamless access to all lights on multiple hubs, but as far as I know it doesn’t integrate with any voice controls.

  9. Hope you feel better Brian. As always very informative video. BTW, have you checked out Wyze's new Q&A video on their upcoming updates? I'd love to get your take on it.

  10. Great vid, Brian! I own some automatic battery lights like that and also a 2 circuit Sonoff light switch installed at my living room. Recently I bought some other Sonoff motion and door sensor that work with their bridge device. Haven't installed them, tho. Oh, and all of them can be integrated with Google Home system.

  11. I use GE light switches so no light switches need to be on and anyone that doesnt know my smart home cant really mess things up. They also dim on and off. Check them out!

  12. Smartthings is awesome…my entire townhouse is handled by one 2nd generation smartthings hub…those 3rd generation motion sensors are so sensitive…🤷‍♂️ The Smartthings sensors are definitely better due to flexibility…

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